For POETS UNITED ~Midweek Motif ~ What if . . . ?


Sunset at Banni Gala with Rawal Dam Lake in view…Islamabad Pakistan

What If time rolled back and I had wings to fly
I would roam all day all over the sky
and feel the clean and fresh air, here and there
and then everywhere,

down below would be all green and brown and blue
calm and soothing , smoke from chimney ,cooking stew
inside the small kitchen would be loving grandma
and Mother standing by to help…

Oh to be in those cool times on the hills and mountains
what if time rolled back and started the plenty fountains
and streams clear and pearly would shine revealing pebbles
precious , and I would sing quietly humming on the swing

and watch the peaches ripe and red and grapes purple and green
what if I could see in the dark, at night I would fly to the stars
and there would be no borders or scars or fires or blasts
and no wars or bombs or children bleeding buried in casts

what if I could fly and bring back all good to my planet
what if I would gather flowers and fruits for friends
and just be able to shower where they would be needed
but if ..all this is not possible then..

still what if I could still be a simple person and be humble
helpful and caring on land where I may be able to walk or stand
or be…the best I can and follow the right guidance …
what if ….as I see the golden sunset

I hope for a better peaceful tomorrow , there will be a
better tomorrow and a better world…..
Insha Allah….


A Story A Day ~ 16 ~ خلایِ مخلوق ? life around ..Frightening, Not Without A Purpose ~


dog  At first I thought it was the neighbors cat,often prowling at night. Sneaking in the open space just outside my bedroom window, curling up napping and leaving before the break of dawn…but wait a minute,the sound is different…slightly louder than that made by a cat…it is not the softer purr…it cant be the dog…the neighbors never let him loose..he barks his heart out when hungry…but could be one…

I dared not peep through the window lest I see a ghost or some supernatural species…’Oh come now, are you afraid? where is the power of ‘Ayatul kursi verses that you recite so many times all day? No NO I am not afraid in that way,’my inner self whispered an answer,

‘ then you are listening too much to the discussions on the media about the ‘khalai makhlooq’… ‘the makhlooq will really come down one day and…..

‘what a silly idea..someone talking about mysterious unknown people, whom they themselves don’t know about’ or so it seems’…they should have read the methods and modes of the great mystery writers…Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Agatha Christie or perhaps even Mr Bram Stoker but they would only if they had any love of reading or books or knowledge…alas
The second night at about 11 pm the prowling sound again caught my attention…for a while I sat still, straining my ears trying to make sense and wondered what was it …gathering my courage I opened the sliding window,switched on the back porch light and stepped outside to check…there was no one, I mean no cat or a rat or…then a little farther away in the dark,close to the boundary wall, something moving made me alert…then it came in full view…it was a small dog…weak and frail in body…sniffing and biting on something he was trying to clutch with his front paws…’it must be a bone’ I thought but..’he must be very hungry’ …what if he suddenly pounces and attacks me…but he kept his distance…that made my fears ease up a bit but I had to remain cautious…’I will wait till dawn, maybe he will go away…’ I stepped back into the room and locked the door.
As soon as the day dawned, I looked outside and saw what my dear readers you can see in the photograph…the dog had pulled down my cotton veil hung up to dry…and was sleeping or had fallen on it ,totally exhausted …

Oh Allah ji’ I called my husband…’he is famished, let me get some ‘roti’…how will he eat? I remembered Blondie’ the dog at my daughters place…she used to give him roti, left over bones, soaked in milk…Blondie would howl and bark till the food was given to him..but this poor dog was devoid of any energy, ‘I hope he is not going to die? please not here…’
‘to my great sense of relief the dog moved and slowly stretched and moved and finally managed to sit up…give him the roti now’…and let us see…and dear readers this was the result…he held the piece of whole meal with his paws and slowly started eating it….within a few minutes he had eaten all of it…and again dropped off into the world of oblivion….
469 We knew not whence he came, nor who was the owner…‘He came to eat the food Allah had set for him here..’ see,these are Allah’s ways of providing ‘rizq’ to his creations on this Earth -Subhaan Allah
May Allah                                  be praised. 

After gratefully finishing his treat the dog stretched   twisted yawned and got up, slowly, dragged himself only to fall asleep again this time…just outside my windo…

After an hour or so I remembered and went to check..the dog was no more there….he never returned



A Story A Day ~ 16 ~ The Rain in May Has Come to Stay …

‘Allah created fresh clean water in abundance falling allover from the sky,sometimes in tiny,sometimes small drops,sometimes frozen hard cold and white like pieces of rock,yet the moment they touch the Earth,they begin to melt and transform into water…amazing endless eternal infinite creativity of Nature…all for mankind for growth pleasure food life cleanliness survival and if there is evil spreading its claws then it sweeps furiously  attacking and drowning the enemy…Pitter patter pitter patter’ steady drizzle sounded like a Johann Strauss  symphony sailing over the Blue Danube

‘ Mom this is heaven ..let me listen, let me take in the cool pearly drops in my soul, Oh these hills and pine trees capture my spirit,enrapture my heart with green freshness ,perhaps my blood has turned green too… inside in harmony with nature..this is my land my native land like…how can anyone think of leaving it for good..’they who do not see the beauty , do not sense the sweet smell of the Earth nor feel the warm comfort ….it begins to rain again…’listen to the rhythm of the falling rain’
There was a time when the rain fell and fell and would not stop ..the lane began to fill up and soon the water crossed the thresh hold and entered the lounge …I sat with my feet up on the chair…helpless depressed sad ‘oh dear not again…’ but water had reached the bedroom door and was touching the kitchen floor…this time the rain water did not reflect nor create any romanticism…’Mama we must think seriously about leaving this place now every year for the third year running…. so many things have been damaged …so many books…hmm …

‘For some rain is a blessing for some a punishment,for some a test for many a disaster,a misery,for some a relief, for many a pleasure, a joy an inspiration, a healthy turn…and so water in its variegated forms is life,gives life,takes life, makes life…moves on and on cooling washing draining shoving flowing falling…and creating countless stories …

this is the Month of  May ..Spring time season but also the beginning of Summer and somewhere in the world the beginning of Winter…here the rains are welcome, unexpected, as they have delayed the warm weather, sweaters are out and blankets too back on the bed…but one thing stands is also the eve of the Holy Month of Fasting..Ramazan…is it not a miracle of the All Powerful? who has sent down the coolness of heaven so that the faithful may fast with ease and without thirst?

see how much He loves His people if only we would understand ?

A Story A Day ~ 15 ~ The Last Minute Miracle…

desktop 170 Five minutes to two’ The time the examination paper would begin,and I was nowhere near the examination center…this being my own my very own beautiful city …I checked the address slip…sector…it said’ and I was in that very sector…the slip did not mention any street number nor road…’one can easily identify the school buildings..well, ‘Girls school’ the words boldly stared at me…but the walls are common..this is the boys school gate where is the girl’s school gate? I had stopped the car here and was anxiously inquiring from the boys some standing some bending and entering passing through the small gate..’We have come for our practical tests Baji’ ‘one replied…’Well, I need to reach the Girls school and I have been running around this block for the last twenty minutes, do you know where it is, anyone?…They were boys they definitely would know the girls school gate, some may have sisters studying there…well, Baji’ he began,’take the lane you can see from here on the left, go straight til you see a,a…a..’ ‘Oh No there is hardly any time, you have a bike please just lead the way there I will follow in my blessed car’…

He hesitated for a few precious seconds, looked at his watch…he was a teenager keen to do his best in his studies and I was hoping to make the best of my precious time with a family of four kids’, we both  had no time to lose’. Another young angel stepped in. ‘Come, I will go with you’ he said raising his right leg to seat himself on the back of the bike…soon the bike was roaring away in the small lane, then into the next on the ride ,then into the third, just wide enough for the KIA Classic green to follow and within seconds I would say we had reached the target…it was the best of ‘The Burglars’ chase, though it was hardly a chase,it was a race against time,a race of knowledge versus ignorance, a race of hopes versus achievements…then it was all Allah’s Blessings …may Allah bless the angels he sends for our help every time we need it, and I felt that these two young boys proved to be two angels, heaven sent… as they rolled,twisted snake like, ‘brrrring and whirrrring’ they led me to the Golden…dark gate of the Girls school…where I had to report for my first examination paper..
what degree I hope to get what positive role I will be able to play in my country’s social setup,what benefit I may bring to the younger generation is a far cry  yet to be heard.
The last minute help was an unforgettable miracle for me…

Written As Narrated.

A Story A Day ~ 14 ~ Nothing? Nothing Means Something…

‘Please put some water on the stove, light the burner…its for tea…I mean the water…tell me when it comes to a boil…’saying this I forgot myself in my digital world of communication’ not all the time on the laptop…sometimes gazing lovingly at the sky..seeking messages in the clouds..peeking guiltily at people through the large glass window, walking, strolling,standing, doing their work  or kids playing in the rain…looking up for more sweet moist drops..Oh Nothing is coming down’ but we had quite a few shirt is all wet.I feel so cool.

‘The water is ready… will be in a couple of minutes’ Uh Uh what does that mean? it is ready? or should I wait for a few more minutes? Ah the strange mode of communication…do we really listen to each other or people around us, or we just hear sounds and half understand the meaning….well, it is a strange way of life,a unique blend of human characteristics, a deliberate habit of built in deception and a natural element of healthy and unhealthy jealousy…’in making tea?…not really,in almost everything everywhere, I guess it must be with me too, and moreover who is perfect in this world..we are all ‘the same humans’ except ..except….there are rumours of aliens …aliens as guards of a special class of powerful people..that readers will be my next surprising story…

Now I am getting up to make a cup of tea ….

Nothing in the pan…the water had all evaporated.

I have now put some more…a watched pan never boils..well that means…

Oh never love of English ‘ where will it take me? I wonder

A Story A Day ~ 13 ~ Donkey ‘ Telling The Time ‘


img_0924Well What?

Well if I have to tell you that then what’s the use ‘

Use of what? the donkey?

Oh Dear no, not the donkey,the telling’

‘telling of what? the time?

Oh no no I can see the time,the clock is right there on the wall’

It is supposed to be on the wall facing this side, or I can change the side if you say so’

Oh No No now don’t get on the chair and start changing…I….

Oh I can use the ‘moora’ or the stool’

No No the watch is just right where it is,don’t touch might fall’ in the classroom, the clock is on the wrong side , the students keep warning the teacher…’Its time its time..class is over…its break’…so I am thinking of putting it on the opposite side…’

the kids will still say..its time’ eh’ they are smart’ they use smart phones….

well, the donkey is quieter…’

in class?

Oh Dear no ,how can a donkey be in a class?..well, to think of it, can be a possibility, if there are animal sounds ,cats mewing, and eunuchs dancing, kicking and boxing ..and…well…what next…? I wonder….

society has changed and so has culture and traditions…Respectful Manners stand alone’vanishing as aliens are taking over…and here comes my story…the aliens have arrived. Some dangerous beings too…who have plans to take over the world…across the oceans, in fertile lands with beautiful high structures,they have made their homes…invisible to the naked eyes…sometimes caught on camera…

I don’t believe this story…is lunch ready? the donkey has not moved an inch…he must be tired by now…

‘well, you can have your meal ….don’t worry about the donkey,he is OK,he does not avoid work…nor postpones doing it…’good donkey’,donkeys are hardworking except that they are followers…

obedient animals, sometimes stubborn..I guess like their cousins the mules’

now don’t go to the cousins’ take care they might hear you and start braying….but I am not disturbed as I am quite used to all this now….

what was that? the braying? or the stubbornness?

well didn’t you hear?Oh Dear ….where do I begin….

A Story A Day ~ 12 ~ Of Nature’s Patterns,Sunshine in the Clouds ~











December, a month of gifts blessings prayers and reunions.. Family weddings  dates specially fixed so that relatives and friends can avail the chilly, yet cool holidays. As the last week of December begins wishes start circulating around the globe. I find no endings or beginnings, not at this stage of life, it seems to be at a standstill, many say it is a blessing and I say ,yes, it is…with health , not wealth, for wealth which we take as and we call it money,  is always in a state of transition…sometimes less sometimes more…
It is a time for prayers …helping others finding the truth and appreciating it,feeling peaceful and observing nature…have you ever done star gazing at night? I remember stargazing, identifying constellations and the hemispheres of the skies…in the Summer nights…uncle was an amazing expert, he had a book with pictures, the book was Astrology’, though uncle was a Botany professor but I guess he loved science ,and later he introduced mystery and scientific investigation and research and above all…adventure when he brought ‘The Three Musketeers’ for me…and I too came to love not exactly one botanical part of science but all of nature…I get extremely spiritually excited for a feel a strange attraction towards the sun the clouds the high flying birds rivers mountains sunsets and sunrises and so much nature is an endless amazing world…

I wonder and often fail to understand why people say, ‘you have the time,we don’t’ but where does time go? time is always on the move, we need to follow time will not wait for anyone, nor be still,

and here I share the recently captured on camera patterns of the clouds..was this the story that I wanted to write I wonder…?

it is the communication of nature and the understanding it conveys….I stop here to continue later hopefully…..Ah it is getting cooler as evening draws closer to the dark shades


Oh the new moon’ as we turned the car  on Korang road, moving towards the small residential area I caught the small bright crescent…amazing view of nature…and my memories stirred again..the study of the moon flashed across the canvas, the craters and many years later heard the moon landing ‘live’ on the radio’…every time the moon appears so amazing…nature is never tiring never ending beauty…eternal existence…and it is all for us to enjoy and appreciate…not destroy…

the car stopped..we had reached home….