~Towers Powers and Showers ~ Blocking or Linking ~ A Dialogue of Memoirs 2015

IMG_20150614_171952_194 These towers somewhat frighten me.I have not been able to hold my eye to the top edge for more than half a second…the neck is strained…it becomes painfuI…they are important for we have marked them as indicators to show the way to our residential flat. ‘Just opposite the two huge towers’ and by now our place is well known….I wanted to capture a memorable image so… the  ever ready available mobile phone camera came in handy and am sharing the result…they serve a key purpose..but strangely they are built right in the heart of this small town, and still the signals of the wi-fi connector I am using are weak.Lengthy minutes it takes to connect..this 3 G and 4 G ….are hard to understand…these towers are serving some other network…hmnn…I am not the mechanical type though I can repair two pin plugs when the wires come out …Oh dear..these towers are common well known,standing high like huge guarding poles with circular discs…like aliens landed and fixed ready to blast out sizzling electric sparks…hmmn …keep left it says..on the road…

Ah Communication…a very interesting subject…it is the ‘heart and soul of life…

Oh – your experience is greater and understanding far more comprehensive,we are still struggling despite the knowledge.The towers, then the powers- the power in the tower fails and sends miles and millions into endless periods of darkness at night and into a lethargic helplessness during the day…

when it is dark look at the stars and when it is light thank the sun for being at the distance…

yes we need to be more grateful …and see

IMG_20150629_145211_387this image is frightening or is it my perception again?

If you look at the Masters creation and be ‘grateful’ all the time for all that you have and have ‘sabr’ and follow the …

the world is so large, the people so far away and communication…how should I …? I cry many a times ,keep asking forgiveness for I too have been moving in this vicious tempting world….

yes all the people are …but see and try to listen…and you will be guided…I assure you…those who seek ..surely get…

my email was hacked and my friends and family were told that I was in Greece stranded and asking for money…I wonder who did that..must be direly in need himself..I forgive him..er…or her…

good you have done well….

now by changing my email address I  have lost control of my story blog and poetry blog and the software says..You do’nt have any blogs…create new’….I have been upset..but then I said..’OK’ so it is ..time for new..time for change and here…see the communication continues…IMG_20150629_145752_948after I had taken photos from almost all sides of the rooftop…raindrops began to come down…one by one they descended…I looked up and felt them…cool fresh soothing  like sweet candy drops…my fast was no longer hard to bear…the heat transformed into a sweet coolness and I happily went down the stairs…rubbing the raindrops all over my face..I felt a strange peace….

and..Oh…you had to go …I never realized the time…in peace and happiness..time stands still…time stops to support…time for prayer…..


2 thoughts on “~Towers Powers and Showers ~ Blocking or Linking ~ A Dialogue of Memoirs 2015

  1. interesting that you posted this, I am an amateur radio operator and while I think cell towers are pretty obtrusive (not willing to give up my cell tho) I am comfortable with all the antennae and towers we need for personal and emergency communications. I wonder what life would be like without all this, but then I would not be leaving this comment if that were so? Lots to ponder here.

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    • Dear Mandy Thank you for your most interesting views.These towers are definitely vital and link us all with the world.There huge structure is strangely attractive fascinating and for someone like me mysterious.I imagined them as ‘aliens’ for one or two so giant like appear as if from the Other world’my story telling instinct urges me to imagine..Thanks and do keep visiting.It is an honor.


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