‘ Little is Great’ ‘Outlook or In look? ~ A Dialogue of Memoirs 2015 ~

IMG_20150701_061058_808‘How can we expect coolness in June? Strange but possible’ if one is in a Wonderland’ or if The Master wishes it to be’ but …humans are weird beings..wanting heat in the cold and cold in the heat’ never satisfied..so never grateful…’Little’ should be enough..hmmn…’a little learning is a dangerous thing’ who ? well it is Pope’ Oh not The Pope, but Alexander Pope the English Poet who was ‘little’ in height’..Oh Come come..one does not say ‘little for height..the word is ‘short’.. Ok, a little short. ‘I read in my Masters Course that he was known as a dwarf as The Wasp of Twickenham’, for his satire, which was bitter and strong…what did he criticize ? Oh people customs traditions dresses style everything but he wrote excellent poetry…there you go ..poetry is Your favorite…yes, me I love poetry good poetry, creative, with striking vocabulary history Greek elegance Myths and Legends sea serpents,narratives…no end to it…Talking to my heart and mind..the blessings of this holy month which gives patience time and peace..no eating…no waste…little by little the day inches on …and ends…time to eat does come…’little’ again the word comes up… a little light and all is so bright..a little act of kindness, a little prayer, a little care, a little show of love, but lots of humility…

following events around the world I was deeply impressed by one person…

Ah so you are impressed by someone…such good thoughts and words I hear..and I saw a little more than usual light in the window tonight? eh..what is new? who is that lucky person..not a poet this time I know….

well, yes you know but not the person…but again of my kind…

I wonder this word ‘Little’ has always been close …’Little Bo Peep’, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ ‘Little Lamb that Mary Had…Three little kittens’, ‘Little Women’ ‘Little House in the Big Woods, Little Prince and ‘Little Princess’.

piccit_disney_characters_1920x1200_2016378203-1680x0Courtesy Google

‘yes, all these are because of the study of English language…literature of the rulers in this region…in your native language what do you have…ever thought of developing that part or even for the more important language Arabic and  Persian ?

oh dear very few people care about ‘languages’ leave alone developing them or enriching, no one tried to learn Kashmiri’ Urdu has a cover of Hindi …‘mei chota sa ik larka hun or kaam karon ga barre barre’,again ‘a little boy…but where is he or the little girl…lets not be too depressed..there are scholars who are working trying researching….hmmn..research… a sore topic….But wait..great hope in reading works of our Poet of The East Allama Iqbal will help to develop ‘thought’ and ‘Language both..’people have moved away enmass from learning reading writing…we need a strong movement a Herculean effort to bring that tidal wave to wash away ignorance..but we only seem to be collecting more dirty water..sorrowful state of our Dear Metro which drowned in the very first months of its birth…

pure carelessness and bad planning…I will not say outright corruption but still gross misuse…

I have seen this word written somewhere….where…hmnn..yes, on a shop front..very large and in bold letters…alas it is a General Store selling items of daily use..and the signboard says ‘General Store and Grossers’ why must our signboards be in a foreign language ?

well, mistakes are common and are found everywhere,we need to be conscious and then we need to Correct our mitsakes..er..I mean mistake…

‘well you were about to tell me about someone impressive…

Oh Yes, I must admit that I am and it is none other than Lady Governor Nikki Haley of SC…where nine respected church members were…I looked up her bio and was surprised to find her family was from  India…what a journey..our destiny lies in other worlds’ she is devoted to her work …what is the difference here? why we are not so sincere towards our people and our country?

we have forgotten our lessons ,we have drifted away from our duties, we have forgotten our real laws..and we should know the consequences..we know them yet we pose as if we do not and that is worse…but keep trying, to do and spread good… one person can make the world change’ …

yes, Gov said’ this event has changed my outlook for ever’..does that mean that we need some severe jolt to change? some ordeal to learn? some drastic event to make a new law? This is what perhaps we mean by ‘In look’ the look on the inner side of the body..the heart the feelings the mind the good thoughts…if these are pure then the Outlook also becomes good’

‘hmmn fairy tales taught us many lessons, how we enjoyed reading about the races the riches the royalty and the simple people..but again there are newer versions..we have our own history..which we have ignored…how is it going to turn around?

Light up the Lamp and hang it up high to spread the light as far as possible..if you keep it on the floor it will only illumine a ‘little area’ …good words good thoughts good deeds are also like ‘light’ ..’light up the lives of people around you…little by little’

ah yes ‘little by little…drop by drop word by word..Allah’s Names, one by one…will make an ocean…and All is There in One …One and Only…

Little is Great ‘ One is Great…Less is more..Give to get….



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