Letter To Raylene ~ Tapping Rain ~ A Dialogue of Memoirs 2015


From the first floor flat,where raindrops first tap on the window pane and then come in,slowly sliding down the inside sill,forming tiny pools as one watches mesmerized intrigued amazed,such is the Power of Nature. Rain is welcome, a relief from the heat in Summer,dreaded in Winter,desired in Autumn,danced in, in Spring…such are the wonders of water from the sky…the sky is not the limit…there are worlds beyond, beyond the stars…and there are …

yes,there are stars and other worlds but there are some bright stars on this planet too…

Ah yes,this month has revealed strange sights,which would be miracles if understood,they are messages to be received and accepted…there is work to do…and so you have been around,anything special or different this year…? I wonder

well,yes,more humans listening reading watching but strangely praying places appeared less crowded…

people are afraid,afraid of the expected not the unexpected

people should be afraid of The Master,He is Most Merciful and Oft Forgiving…

people need to learn to forgive,we are poor at heart and weak in the spirit…how do we gain strength and courage in there deep in our thoughts ? what are we thinking all the time anyway? we are not thinking,our minds are blocked…stopped sleepy sluggish….

you have stopped doing…er…and started doing….

oh please tell us guide us….

you have stopped calculating and started accumulating….

oh now how er…what I mean…cal…maths? maths….

It can be calculation of life itself….

what I understand of calculation is that there it is..in everything…in numbers…in cash’ most important…in moving around..counting..miles petrol prices,calories,in food,weight increasing reducing…calling people on phones and

what about prayers? you only have to count till five…

oh dear, now let me share…my calculation story…but first the meaning….according to Wiki…A calculation is a deliberate process that transforms one or more inputs into one or more results, with variable change.’ Do you know?

what I know a lot but still don’t know a lot…

Oh the word ‘calculus from Latin meant ‘a small stone in the gall bladder’…Oh many people have them but those cannot be used …er..forgive me Sir… My story…recently someone…sent me to Greece, not literally..previously I had landed in Kenya, kidnapped, I wonder now could it have been the Boko …Oh Allah ji Protect me please’..e..it is the ‘e’ everywhere the key letter of many problems..’e’ means ‘electric’ everything is relative..so the ’email’ was stolen and blocked…and now I realize how much damage or relief it has brought…more of a better change I take it…all must change…and new life comes in…new email accounts opened a new Blog…isn’t that wonderful….

yes but what lesson did you learn from all this..life is a teacher’ remember and ‘time is precious and a healer’

lesson 1. nothing is permanent..2. never give up hope…3..one door closes to open another..4 Master Our Lord has a better plan for us…5 we meet new people..who are helpful supportive caring and one may never ever see them or meet them..they are like angels….I met one angel who has the name Raylene…she helped me sort out one of my email accounts on a publishing website…she responded immediately guiding me step by step and asking me to let her know if email was in order….and I was so grateful…on one side there is one who blocked everything….and on the other is one who is helping me to move on …on line….I thought she has the knowledge…so I am thinking of writing a letter of thanks..not an email….or a smiling smileycon….

hmmnn see this is where we meet good people..she has done her job well…she will be rewarded….do your work well and see the benefits..but work not for a reward nor for a benefit…just work responsibly,it is a duty….

the rain taps again…it is the rainy season…and so I wrote’ why can’t we be honest citizens? and she said’ No worries..it will work out’ her faith felt stronger …’her knowledge was more on the hard side…I mean about hardware…and I on the softer…just pulling words in MS Word or pressing words on wordpress….arranging them in attractive orders with selected stones er.. I mean ..words..’good adjectives make good sentences’ Miltonic..or Keatsian…Oh Allah increase me in my knowledge’amen..did I get that right…

IMG_20150708_244034_927spending more time on the Diary of Passwords rather than the books of knowIMG_20150620_173238_657ledge, but this is also important for communication…but then..there was none of this in the past…everyone looked up…at the sky the stars the moon the flowers the sea the clouds…I saw these one day while passing by one of the roads in the big city…I loved them…now..eyes are down…good but eyes on a gadget exposing so much…gaze lowered but the direction….unknown unseen unchecked…..well….so the small email style letters were exchanged and the best line I received was..’Thank you you always make my day’

how did you do that?

well I was also ‘thankful and appreciated her work and used a few emoticons…to add color and feeling…and now I have a whole chapter on this thought…what if we all try to make someone’s day in our life’..everyday can be a day of happiness..and if we can make someone happy, isn’t that the purpose..oh, well one purpose of life?

ah now we are getting somewhere…and yes, there are many ways of doing that and ‘that is what My master means that ‘do good deeds’…

move away from artificial, look at the real…turn to Realism..

oh that takes us back to the 14th century…are we still there? where are we…?who is there ?..tap tap tap….its raining again…soon it will be a downpour …I used to love the sound of rain on the tin rooftops of our British style house in Abbottabad, only one room had this type of covers,luckily it was our bedroom, the rest of the house was beautifully covered with red tiles slanting down layer by layer,large verandahs where we could sit comfortably in the evenings have a hot cup of tea and watch the drizzle, lots of trees,now one can call it a mini forest….but the tinned roof was best…. one could calculate the amount of rain falling by the tapping,then the speed and then the rush and then the slowing down…

but ….

the snow came silently….

silently my friend had left…silently dawn would break soon…


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