‘To Write To Sleep or Just Sit Powerless ~ A Dialogue of Memoirs 2015

IMG_20150911_052414_029‘The wind howls again tonight,shaking the window panes,as if warning sleepy living beings of some terrifying monsters she has seen at a distance, perhaps they are coming this way, they have seen the condition  of the road,one can hardly call it a road,looks as if it has never been traveled upon but no, it is the one most taken, most trodden,most driven upon,most used by heavy vehicles with their still heavier loads,cutting deeper ruts in the already damaged path…I wonder how painful it is for the Earth…how brave of her to bear all this and for so long…soon the heavy downpour will begin,raindrops will slap the window panes again and again, as if attempting to clean the settled dust on the glass…no it will not go this way…it is like the dust on the inner heart and soul that cannot go so easily, nor slide down and away like tears on the pale cheeks…The electricity never troubled us in our childhood, no darkness ever spread in the house after sunset,nor was the radio switched off…Ah yes only when it was time to sleep…the last would be the 9 p.m. Radio Drama It developed our listening skills…these days even hearing is difficult’ sounds of all kinds sometimes, no quite often create a pandemonium…

Tried to write but could not,sleep? where is it? shaken by tremors of the moaning Earth…tragedy striking in holy places, are we reflecting? have we given in to small magnetic gadgetry ? taking selfies? creating unnatural images distorted expressions looking up to ‘ nothing’ other than one’s own picture eyes wide, glaring or horrified or laughing’…two hours now…since the earthquake rattled the window…shook the bed and shook my soul and spirit…Dear Protector forgive me and all I know and do not know…I am powerless and really in the dark…

My Friend you too seem to be busy on the other side of the world…I wonder if you checked on me? Power shortage…power outage…power empower,empowerment…taken over power,getting powerful, nuclear power, water power,missile power,digital power…makeup power…powerful engine…powerful battery…powerful current…power lines…

‘powerful poetry…now now you have the power of the spirit ‘hold on tightly to the rope’ and the power will stay with you’…how have you been…a little time…a little light twinkling far away in the hills I knew it could only be the Thoughtful One awake’

Oh Thank you I thought …I thought but I had hope..and there…I never gave up…never give up…I try to be The Prayer Warrior..and so gain my power…but I miss the peaceful quieter days and cool calm evenings…

things will be better but things have to go and so do I for now…you keep praying…there is the dawn breaking the darkness…Never ending Light is reaching you…

Allah is Great


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