through the window of the slowly moving

four wheeled machine

a dwelling appeared on the scene

before the eyes flashed mud walled rectangular

box like shelters,more than thirteen

black buffaloes resting in the shade

all muddy nothing green

some black figures,midget human like

stood as if planted …all rest between

silent motionless,as if condemned

to the infamous guillotine…

what place was this ? who lived here?

a camp refugees or disguised gypsies?

Unseen spirits or invisible beings

whilst with these thoughts

a strange thing appeared, a tree high

shot up in the sky,as if hearing my

queries, disturbed in Draculean sleep

soared sharply and revealed

See Me ? This is my place and I live here

it seemed to say, it seemed spooky

for it was the only one there…

was it my imagination or was it real?

the camera clicked as the machine

moved on and soon gone was the scene…

Oh Dear October ‘October it is and also

the time of Halloween’


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