Flying Family Fun Food Fest …Uh Fear

For months planning and preparing went on. Looking forward with excitement suspense slight apprehension but a strange joyful feeling of travelling to a new unseen place…

Finally deciding to fly and be with Great People to Fly With’ than the Railways’ once a fascination, a super thrill’, steaming engine pulling bogies, moving along the tracks,snaking through the fields through the tunnels,over the bridges over the rivers…slowing down into the stations along the platforms lined with people bags suitcases and bed rolls; the porters or qullis’ in their red shirts with number badges on their upper arms..the.’pakora sellers and ‘tea servers…I wondered how they carried more than three glasses in one hand…calling ‘Chai garam”Chai garam’ and in Winters it would be ‘anday garam’ hot boiled eggs..what a pleasure was the train journey…but alas ..I find myself avoiding even the thought of it except for in the old evergreen song by Talat Mehmood’ ‘Raahi Matwaale’…still gives a soothing joy to the soul and spirit….

‘We flew away from Winter’ and landed in was the Southern most edge of our beloved land touching the sea…Karachi…once the capital city…still the center of attention…I mean a certain attractive attention…then hectic day and night activities of fun food family and fantastic visit to Baluchistan Hingol National Park…amazing…beach camel rides splashing joyfully in ocean waves…Subhan Allah….Museum Mohatta Palace and the Great Car Show…Family get together and dinner nights..all unforgettable…

the year 2016 started with a vacation…travelling more than a thousand miles..from Winter back to Winter with more snow…after many years..which is again a change to be noted…this is life ,full of constant change.’Change ‘ the slogan of the West,but the symbol of the ‘Rising Sun’ ..hmmnn scary…anyone think of that?

my field of work thought action and research is learning and teaching but lately I have realized that this field has changed also…curriculum? I wonder about it…aims? national? Oh Dear this is a long story and replete with strange queries…well, as long as some reading writing is going on,I guess its OK, but listening obeying respecting…much to be desired here…

I have not heard the sound of the train engine since long nor the whistle of the guard but I have heard the flying jet overhead and more sounds are of the police car sirens asking for road clearance …life is in the cars …more cars more vehicles…so more roads…and its getting cold…I feel the need of a hot cup of tea…Oh…dear I have to make it myself..Lipton or Supreme all are good…2016 is the year of self help…so …with all the advancement of technology… tea..Ah wither are the tea evenings in the green peaceful lawns..

some lucky people maybe enjoying….a dream….more soon Insha allah,hope you enjoyed this..and Oh one thing I must share, the best was the ‘dholki session’ people in the South said ..this tradition is no more in our weddings…I hope there is- somewhere…


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