Nothing? Nothing Means Something


‘Please put some water on the stove, light the burner…its for tea…I mean the water…tell me when it comes to a boil…’saying this I forgot myself in my digital world of communication’ not all the time on the laptop…sometimes gazing lovingly at the sky..seeking messages in the clouds..peeking guiltily at people through the large glass window, walking, strolling,standing, doing their work  or kids playing in the rain…looking up for more sweet moist drops..Oh Nothing is coming down’ but we had quite a few shirt is all wet.I feel so cool.

‘The water is ready… will be in a couple of minutes’ Uh Uh what does that mean? it is ready? or should I wait for a few more minutes? Ah the strange mode of communication…do we really listen to each other or people around us, or we just hear sounds and half understand the meaning….well, it is a strange way of life,a unique blend of human characteristics, a deliberate habit of built in deception and a natural element of healthy and unhealthy jealousy…’in making tea?…not really,in almost everything everywhere, I guess it must be with me too, and moreover who is perfect in this world..we are all ‘the same humans’ except ..except….there are rumours of aliens …aliens as guards of a special class of powerful people..that readers will be my next surprising story…

Now I am getting up to make a cup of tea ….

Nothing in the pan…the water had all evaporated.

I have now put some more…a watched pan never boils..well that means…

Oh never love of English ‘ where will it take me? I wonder


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