No Cars On An Island

Didn’t You See?


Well What?

Well if I have to tell you that then what’s the use ‘

Use of what? the donkey?

Oh Dear no, not the donkey,the telling’

‘telling of what? the time?

Oh no no I can see the time,the clock is right there on the wall’

It is supposed to be on the wall facing this side, or I can change the side if you say so’

Oh No No now don’t get on the chair and start changing…I….

Oh I can use the ‘moora’ or the stool’

No No the watch is just right where it is,don’t touch might fall’ in the classroom, the clock is on the wrong side , the students keep warning the teacher…’Its time its time..class is over…its break’…so I am thinking of putting it on the opposite side…’

the kids will still say..its time’ eh’ they are smart’ they use smart phones….

well, the donkey is quieter…’

in class?

Oh Dear no ,how can a donkey be in a class?..well, to think of it, can be a possibility, if there are animal sounds ,cats mewing, and eunuchs dancing, kicking and boxing ..and…well…what next…? I wonder….

society has changed and so has culture and traditions…Respectful Manners stand alone’vanishing as aliens are taking over…and here comes my story…the aliens have arrived. Some dangerous beings too…who have plans to take over the world…across the oceans, in fertile lands with beautiful high structures,they have made their homes…invisible to the naked eyes…sometimes caught on camera…

I don’t believe this story…is lunch ready? the donkey has not moved an inch…he must be tired by now…

‘well, you can have your meal ….don’t worry about the donkey,he is OK,he does not avoid work…nor postpones doing it…’good donkey’,donkeys are hardworking except that they are followers…

obedient animals, sometimes stubborn..I guess like their cousins the mules’

now don’t go to the cousins’ take care they might hear you and start braying….but I am not disturbed as I am quite used to all this now….

what was that? the braying? or the stubbornness?

well didn’t you hear?Oh Dear ….where do I begin….


let the snowfall begin…see….


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