For Bluebell Books Twitter Club Short Story Slam Week 40 ~See The Golden Stream



        Suddenly the face expression changed.He rubbed his eyes,then looked again,saw a smile this time.Calm and peaceful.It could not be his imagination.It was real,yet in a flash. LamRagar,pale apprehensive turned his face sideways,clicked his feet together swayed backwards,stared wide eyed at the ground,unblinking eyes darting left and right…

what is it? where did it go? the darkness that…I felt I saw

sweet raindrops touching lightly vanishing in parched soil,soil yearning for cool springs.Pure water why are you away,high up in the air somewhere,we cannot reach or find or dare‘I want to hear soft music everywhere’

Music? forget it,it is not to be played anymore, it is more of a bang bang blare”’Ah the Greek flutes are no more”what pipes are these? what tunes they play? What good words  they say?’

‘I want to see people reading, every where?

Reading ? impossible,books are expensive,not found everywhere.Newspapers show death depression murder and accidents every day’No one wants to see such news.

I want to see flowers blooming,everywhere’.

A flower plucked while it is still a bud.Innocence stolen.Song stilled.Spirit crushed.What next?

‘I want to hear gratitude everywhere’ humility reverence patience joy acceptance go hand in hand…spreading peace like the countless millions tiny sprouts of grass,like the shimmering twinkling jewels spread like a studded vast boundless sheet in the night sky,like a cozy flock of small bleating comforting lambs,

‘wolves, wolves, wolves are loose everywhere’ …blood flowing red now crimson…

Rise now my friend,the red flow is no more…see the golden stream begin the trickle, sweet silent and soothing,just as you wished…just as  you.are..wishing

It is the dawn…March on…March on…



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