Glorious Message Manifest

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‘Nature gloriously manifests in Light and glitters like priceless diamonds in darkness. Visible to an open eye in an open sharing heart. There is always a message in the boundless skies.

Cool comfort filled, embroidered silky blue, contrasted sharply the palled mood, in silence caged, restless soul stood
in revered attendance apprehensive, lest
it not further interfered
or even tenderly touched, seemingly severe sensitivity-
yet faith and patience have their own reward…
Soon the cover blue blossomed, showering far reaching
arcs of rainbows, descending friendly flowers,
amid the chaos the spirit felt outstretched extended
a welcome farewell entwined in momentary space
little are we conscious, from where
visions appear or disappear,
while in shadows or through what windows
no tunnels or dark spaces, but in broad daylight,
what a lovely garden in sight it becomes as one smiles,
and before your very eyes, but unknown to flowers,
you see the colors passing by…
dressed in blue but not in mood while
the spirit behind the pillar stood…
felt the happiness visible in the smile,
saw the colors again in momentary space till
they were visible no more, like the empty bridge lying still, bare and exposed,
the huge black gate slowly opened and slowly closed…



One thought on “Glorious Message Manifest

  1. wonderful 🙂 this is like a prayer/manifesto where one is drawn in and cycles through and up and around, with the tensions and unease of life, and yet, there is always peace, calm, light, lightness open – no storm rages on forever – and yet the precious gift of the calm is so often not recognized or realized …. and yet, in this piece, it is a call – a call to join, notice, be aware, know.

    Truly lovely 🙂

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