Each Day is Mother’s Day ‘Dearest Ammi’ I need you…even now


Graceful elegant in manner and dress,wearing a quiet smile
I saw you,I see you I hear you but in silence…
How can it be just a day to remember you? No,it is not enough
Nor some words on face book with your image…Your real image is in my soul and spirit,in your love and prayers,in your care and comfort…I cannot enclose nor encompass nor hold together,moments we call time’…I was hurt,cut ill so many times, I bled I cried I collapsed I almost died…you saved me with your strength of faith in Allah..I saw you pray forehead on the floor,I would wake up to hear your voice recite The Book,you sat by me as I lay listless,you allowed me to chose the ‘mouth organ’ instead of the ‘finger ring’ I still don’t like jewelry…you knew how much I loved music,only you would know…but then only you guided me how much it should be enjoyed…Ammi you were always there for me…my share of lunch warm and covered on the table when i was late from college,my soup qahwa and ‘karrha’ when I needed that…and life so full of books and knowledge of good…wrong and right’ kindness and help..I learnt ..I loved the way you knitted ,your embroidery was perfect…not a stitch out of place ..the best was ‘togetherness’ all together as a family brothers sisters aunts and uncles and their children…sharing so much joy…with dignity and respect…you took away my pain…Ammi I could do nothing to take away yours…I cry and just pray, and pray, you never showed you were in pain but it was there…after the appendicitis gall bladder, and the final cancer operation…you were so silent always..Allah has His special gifts,only He can help us I know he helped you bear it all…but still…you are in heaven I know, in peace may you stay in fragrance in flowers sweet fruits and grace …Ammi I need you all the time….


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