For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Sunday June 5 2016 Writing Prompt: lighten up! ~ I am the Wanted and the Unwanted ~

DSCN0002 I am the Wanted and the Unwanted-both
I am the One, Special One, of the rare species, definitely, surely going extinct,
‘And I have fears that when I may cease to be ’there will hardly be anybody in this pure country
Sober enough …to be better than …er… our great forefathers, the monk-keys”
Oh Sir,
I must apologize for my distractive nature , but being born under the Gemini Skies I cannot
help being either Castor or Pollux- I still wonder which one I am? But I guess
I am surely human for I can see hear eat cheat lie mock taunt smile sleep and grab- and command …and …and
And write-(Believe me I belong to a humble and honest patriotic family from the Valley of the Northern Mountains of the Himalayas)
I belong to the Race that has inhabited this Planet for centuries and made a mess of it.
Gender really, in fact truly doesn’t matter for being a female I land in the opposite camp because of my given name which my Grandma bestowed upon me with such love and proud vengeance (I secretly believe) as in later years I came to know through the secret whispers of the family black sheep that “all were expecting a boy” to emerge into this world from the heavens’
Gracious Lord at that time the ultra sound machine had not been invented or –well what can I say-
AH My Poor Soul –how do abilities help when the talents become debilities by the time they are discovered, leave alone developed , honored recognized and rewarded.
In my home country boxes are of great importance- ballot boxes- ice boxes-letter boxes- inboxes-out boxes- and at my recent job a very senior officer placed a Complaint Box and led everyone to the 16th Century style of Management.
I could not bear along with this box so I decided to perform the Jack- in- the- box Act and signed myself out. I declared that I was going to Dubai and everyone envied me and congratulated me on this great news- WOW Dubai-the hub of the present Celebrity activity- the wonderland of the rich- The- The – and you know Dubai! I believe it will soon be on the list of Sinking Cities of the world-
But I never went there-I lost income , transport facility, a grand VIP Office and so many standing at attention –But I preferred to live without the Gestapo Box (I named it so )In the process I sold my old pc boxlike apparatus and bought an Acer laptop –I feel better with the closeness of the writing and thinking companion-
And now comes advertising- I believe I have grown up with it as it is a part of language and has touched my soul and spirit, from the quiet afternoon calls of the ‘Ice lolly cart man’s tap tapping of the lid of the cart, to the tune- playing ice cream seller on the cycle’- I would definitely go for another style and add more to the cart-
I loved the Ice Cream Van though which would come every night playing the tune of the Nursery rhyme’
‘Girls and boys come out to play-the moon doth shine as bright as day ’
in the lovely historical city of Nottingham where I spent the strangest days of my life.(2003-4) The exact place was Aspley. The Ice cream van was colorful, filled with lights so that one could see the outside decoration too. It was wonderfully attractive and one felt like having ice cream every night even in winter. Effective presentation and timing.
One of my original Advertising Project for Fauji Cornflakes is still with me (Unknown unshown)
With Characters and Captions Activities and a story-

And finally –Writing- Indeed I was born to write-
I am a Collector of Pencils and Pens- -a published poet (on the Internet now)
I teach English literature Language and Creative Writing and Present ELT Language Workshops
Language is my first love –the second-writing- I developed and I hope I have reached some stage of maturity for otherwise English Language is racing down the track, progressively deteriorating and amalgamating into a mixture no Alchemist would be able to solve or dissolve
Well I do have the Masters Degree in English (1991) and a Post Graduate Diploma in TEFL and an A in CPE. You might wonder what this A stands for , well it is an A Grade in the Certificate of Proficiency in English language Skills from the University of Cambridge 1991 LSE Local Syndicate Exam British Council held in the capital city.
Finally about Experience, well experience is what you learn after making mistakes, being emotional, sometimes bent upon doing what your heart says and not using your mind where other people want you to use.
Your mind is away into the world of imagination, going crazy with colors pencils, brushes , water, paints and you hear your elders say-
’OH what wasteful activities-these are not going to help you in the ‘doosra ghar ’where eventually you have to go’ Leave everything and go to the kitchen’
There ends your ‘Thinking’ your world of art, Your land of dreams, your creative wild ideas’
Mother in law once said’ ‘Na paisa na dhela-te kardi mela mela’ ‘ no mon no fun’
‘Mom does everything go around with money? Who said ‘Love makes the world go round?’
If one is seriously interested I also have an email address, which means I am electrically marked, I may be sent er…not …an electric current but please if it is really an important job offer then a chance for an interview.
Once not long ago I got one from the Disney English Teaching people and soon found out that the Job was for ‘work in China’ well, it could have been Mongolia I hear people there wish to learn this Grand Language of majestic history and global connectivity.
And so the story goes on and on and I see that electricity is playing hide and seek’ …my younger daughter , a mother of four school going age told me that she plays ‘simple simon says’ to pass the dark hours, when the fans freeze to a halt…and sweat begins to appear like pearls…Simon is great I say –not simple at all and so here I stop , but hopefully to add more later
God Willing…

Resume’ submitted for a Writing Job in 2010…Successful….~~~


5 thoughts on “For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Sunday June 5 2016 Writing Prompt: lighten up! ~ I am the Wanted and the Unwanted ~

  1. Hi Anjum 🙂

    Thank you for sharing your response to the prompt this week 🙂

    Since we haven’t met before, I don’t think, please forgive me if we have and I don’t remember, first off, welcome 🙂

    It’s lovely to meet you and I’m glad that you decided to participate in this re write your resumé challenge.

    Certainly it makes for very interesting reading, even if I’m not entirely sure of what points may or may not be stretched or speak of your dreams etc., but that’s okay, part of the mysteries that allow for humanity’s diversity and spice.

    I really like the feel of your piece – there is a casual but well thought and written aspect to this – a story telling that offers insights not only to your professional accomplishments, and clearly, your command of the English language is exceptional, testimony to your degrees and teaching, but the integration of the personal, intimate aspects, of being an Indian woman of a certain age, of being well educated but also of the needs to fulfill obligations and duties, etc. is really a wonderful story. There is an honesty and authenticity to your writing that is really elegant but heartfelt.

    I certainly appreciate how throughout you’ve used metaphors for being artistic, creative, painting the/your world in colours and with words and how yet, the reality of life is such that jobs, family etc. can and will cause tensions, choices, etc. and yet, somehow, the dreams live on.

    So thanks again for sharing your response and I look forward to seeing you around if and when you are so inclined to participate in any other of the MLMM prompts.

    I hope you have a wonderful week

    wildchild47 – Pat

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Friend Pat
      What a lovely surprise! What joy I felt at reading your inspiring encouraging highly appreciative words,expressed with so much affection.It really made me forget the grief that was heavy on my heart.I had just returned from the burial ceremony of my young cousin brother who passed away two days ago. Life goes on as time becomes the best healer…as I opened the blog page and found your loving words I relaxed smiled to myself and reread my own story..every time I laugh and enjoy the life incidents..the truth that I experienced and shared..and I say ‘writing from life’ is Realism’ at its best..but definitely one needs to learn and develop a style of expression..which comes by regular writing..I am familiar with MLMM and have enjoyed the prompts though not really responded to many..I was a regular writer with Brenda’s Wordles and later I joined POETS UNITED…Thank you again for the profound encouragement.I will surely share more..Insha allah

      Liked by 1 person

      • Dear Anjum,

        I am so sorry that you are experiencing the grief and loss of a loved one. Trying times and one never quite knows what to expect, or how one will be feeling, naturally, in life, it is never more profoundly felt than when facing loss of life. I am so sorry.

        Yes, time does heal – and so it is we must continue and yet honour ourselves by allowing our feelings to breathe. I extend my sympathies to you and your family and pray that in the coming days and weeks, you begin to feel some easing of your pain.

        It was my pleasure to read your piece – and I’m glad that my comments brought some love and joy to you, especially when most unexpected. Sometimes we have to appreciate the smallest of gifts because they are the stones that build and support the foundations in our lives when things are tough.

        Be well and safe, and take care 🙂


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