In the shadow of the moonlight

he emerged from behind the trees

she could see the smile in his eyes

but felt the hard steel on his body

Do you know how far you have come?

My life my love my land and you my lord

is all I know…’do not leave me now…for

I have no way back…only one to- freedom’

Ah, a long way to go, a hundred years or so

‘Blood red blood bodies pellets more -blood’

Faith is strong aim is true my life for land and you’

There comes the fairy..its past midnight…your guide

If you come and wish to be with me, follow the …er…

flow…not the river..nor the moonlight glow, but blood

will it be…follow the Red Trail and you will find me’



4 thoughts on “For Bluebell Books Twitter Club ~ Short Story Slam Week 49, July 21—August 7, 2016, Silver Swan ~ Follow The Red Trail

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