For IGWRT ~Fireblossom Friday “Perchance To Dream”

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it was getting dark,the car moved on giving small jolts ,the road was bumpy

in the back seat I felt exhausted, the wedding ceremonies are so tiring…when are we going to wed in sober and simple does get married even then…well, Oh No..the road is blocked..a large boulder is visible in the semi darkness right in the middle of the road…

‘son be careful..the road is not clear ahead’ I put my hand on his shoulder as he slows down a bit….

a sudden jerk…’Uh where …sleep perchance to dream..there’s the rub’ can roads be more safer…

what is it son..why have we stopped?

Mum dear a long vehicle has slipped off the road for turning was not enough..the highway police are clearing up….

real? dream or a vision…

we were safe by the Grace of God



4 thoughts on “For IGWRT ~Fireblossom Friday “Perchance To Dream”

  1. I like that you use prose to tell a story that may be real or a dream — that in the end this seems like an experience you lived through is chilling. I’m glad it ended in safety, with a nod to grace. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thank you Friend was half dream half vision..but then it turned out to be real..90 minutes after I put my hand on my sons shoulder, we reached that turning point…we were travelling on The Grand Trunk Road..main Highway of Northern Pakistan…my son said’ Mom I slowed down the car and after an hour, the road was clear I was wondering if you had just a dream…but soon after I saw the big truck…..May The Lord be praised….

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