For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Wordle #125 “October 17th, 2016” ~


‘Precisely’ she remarked,her mind far away from the subject.

‘Oh please close the window,its cold and the cold… its creepy, creeping in from the dark shadows outside. ‘November is creeping up to…this time of the year is quite like the ancient magical mysterious …er….She shuddered at the thought.Shuddered a bit lest her friends languishing now in their comfortable sofa chairs around the circular table,might see through the pall,the shaded cloak she had draped round her shoulders,a uniform she had adopted since she had the vision and the secret revelation…No No it was not forged…it was real…a reality denoting the fact that ‘Mediums do exist’ in these times…

She was calm now…’Well, friends,who’s next?

Image result for medium spiritual

‘Your deal’ a soft voice said. The cards lightly hissed on the green felt table top.Equal distribution felt like a ‘rationed quota’.Sinister game afoot.The thought again was secretly terrifying.

‘Would she be able to find the clue,now that the cards were all out?

The moment had arrived.To play the Pneumatic she would need all her inner strength.

‘No time to skulk now’

‘I wish to show’ she declared.’her eyes were moving towards the slightly drawn curtains,towards the window, as if expecting someone…’

Chimes rang. ‘Ah 11 o’clock’ …There …aces…four…and you have the three Kings….’

I got it… its true…3 plus 4…is equal to 7 …it is the 17th and its October….

17th of October 1905

Revolution…A revolution ! She leaned forward to collect the cards,and as she did she felt a pull at her cloak….Oh Oh what…?


Precisely’Dear Wake Up’ It is the 17th of October…what a lovely cool morning….

Lets have breakfast….



4 thoughts on “For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Wordle #125 “October 17th, 2016” ~

  1. First a hearty welcome thank you so much for joining us! November definitely has a aura of mystery shrouded in shadows. Very intriguing tale I love that you included prophecy in it, tarot cards have always fascinated me! Excellent use of the words

    Liked by 1 person

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