What Stranger Story Than This…The Pair of Slippers’~

‘I need to change..er..no..maybe get a new pair’…these are now almost four years old…hmm, though they are still in good shape’at least to me they seem so…or maybe I try to convince myself….’how long since I had that major surgery…? How we roamed the night before check in at the surgical ward…one bazar to the other, to markets in and out of shoe shops looking for that one comfortable pair…some slippers were hard with tough soles..some heavy,some pinched,some looked extra large, some were the crossed ones which give me the cramps. ..finally after three tiring hours I finally decided on one
‘ thoughts kept drifting in the inner recesses of the mind.’They look OK ,a bit larger in size for me but this is the best at the moment. No more time now…Image result for rubber slippers
For many days,I had these slippers in and around the changing options but somehow each passing day had its own activity. We were preparing to shift premises, from a flat to a more cooler floor living…day my daughter was to land in from Dubai was also drawing closer.
‘Mom would you be able to settle…I mean set some rooms by the time we come..? Oh I know dear don’t worry, you can keep our KIA till you get your Corolla or..whatever..
Oh well, what will you do? Oh we can coordinate time on weekends for groceries or maybe once during the week’…and so it was all settled.
Slippers’ slippers….’No Elves and the Shoemakers around ,eh? the new premises were surrounded by thick greenery,some trees and many bushes..’bhang plants’ all along the road….well..shh…shh..and so the green KIA was driven away to stay with grand children…
Time passed and the search for the new car began too…prayers for safety …and precautions from car thieves said…finally the hidden vehicle was found checked and bought…in between there is another story..but that will be a separate chapter….
Now as it happened there was a pair of brown slippers in the back foot space of the car.

‘Oh whose slippers are these?..’Not mine,not mine,certainly not mine….no one claimed them…they were in the car…no one knew who put them there..no one knew when and how they came to be there…strange…the slippers were new…but lying open..I mean not in a bag.. ‘Dear have you asked the kids?…Mom yes a number of times,no one remembers,neither their father…well…lets keep them for some days and we shall soon find the owner..’
The few days went by.Few more went by..till the new car arrived too and our dear dear KIA green also came home…with the slippers still inside…unclaimed…
Three days is the given time period…more than that had passed.
‘The miracle…the slippers were sent by the Divine Will..they were sent…they came…they were brought..because someone knew I needed a pair..a lighter one for quickly tiring feet…
Thank you O Almighty Allah…for the gift…You are the Greatest the Most Merciful the Most Gracious….


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