Stranger Still…All the Slippers?

                       This ‘stranger still’ story began in the 195os


No security issues or problems or requirements. Oh really?

Yes,the house was never locked not even the rooms only a few boxes or a couple of cupboards were,and I don’t remember any key stories either’…except… keys…and a rather big stylish key which was used to windup the ‘chiming clock…Image result for chiming clock

what lovely chimes would ring out every quarter…quarter of an hour…well?

well what? so what is stranger still then?….we kids had access to sweets candy drops..yummy…and we were happy with a couple at a time..what tasty lemon drops they were,and strawberry and mulberry apple…and such lovely colors..the purple was so and….Oh come now..’assorted toffees’ the round box was a tin..decorated with flowers and fairies.

ah,the sweetness of childhood…it was so free,so carefree…and now…stranger day by day

well,what happened way back…no locks no guards no keys….

yes,in Summers we slept outside the the late..1950s ..on charpoys ..the four legged sleeping bed…woven with cloth bands or ropes ..and even plastic threads quite later…


one night ..a warm summer night…the family sat talking sharing stories,counting stars and then dozing, sleeping relaxed…no one felt anything,nor heard any particular unusual sound..and early morning…?

what what early morning…

anxious wide eyed somewhat smiling..Oh dear…

no one could find their slippers or chappals or flat sandals’…

eh? what? …no slippers….everyone awakening had a slipper near the fourlegged cot…

search began…what a theft if it was a theft..but who would want slippers of all the things..well..who knows or who can say…

I must share a fact that water had to be stored in those it was rationed…with time…and for various needs it had to be that house..father had brought a large barrel like iron ‘drum’ we called it…and guess what…

‘all the slippers sandals chappals were seen dumped in it’…who did that?

…..strange..someone was roaming silently circling all the beds ….oh…….


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