A Story a Day ~ 4 ~ Rains Flood, Canines Howl, Crows Caw…Prayer Protects


Rain a blessing  yet dangerous and furious at times…is life,a loving sensation of the drops on the face in Summers and a sublime spectacle  to observe from the window in Winters,specially when the water drops transform into white flakes before your very eyes.

43- Do not you see that God drives the clouds,
then joins them together, then piles them on each other,then you see the rain comes forth from between them.
(24- The Light, 43)

My thoughts wander to and fro from the rain filled memories miracles and moments we enjoyed felt terrified and prayed in for protection and forgiveness…

It is the fourth consecutive night. Plop…pop…plop…raindrops land on the backyard  hard plastic cover…’It comes again…just a few days ago the nation prayed for it…the long dry spell was creating a sense of fear adding to the already prevalent sense of terror, a verbiage of untruths

Life becomes stranger day by day,yet simpler hour by hour and slower moment by moment as consciousness is attracted to sounds eternally audible but ignored and taken for granted. The sound of the harmonica played by some unknown unseen enthusiast on the road at night, is one sound I remember from my childhood days that would create a deep sense of sweet joy through my soul and spirit.My feet frozen glued to the place the moment the chords touched the auditory system would remain so for long till the music was heard no more.I often wondered about the mysterious player.Later when I read Shakespeare I found similar thoughts in the Tempest…’the winds did sing it to me…the name…’ perhaps for the King it was a name, a personal loss, a message of life but for me it was divinity communicating the melody of affection from the celestial spheres.It was extremely fascinating and long lasting.

 My stream of consciousness, immersed in quietude of the late night hours  finds it being knifed by the sudden far off howling of the canines,some kept as pet guards but mostly, quite a number, roaming as stray species in lanes and nearby fields…it is disturbs strangely


   Early morning will bring the cawing of the crows who have made nests on two of the four trees planted along the dividing wall between the house next door. The cawing and chirping of the morning birds sounds better than..the howling at night which is frightening..reminds one of the Hound of the Baskervilles.

Pitter patter …drizzling now…drops seem smaller..and when they get smaller they begin to freeze and become snow… I wonder if snow will fall…nature is so full of variety…but terrible was the time when rains flooded our lane and water crossed the porch and entered the house…this flood visited in the Summers and took away many precious books,some furniture and some carpeting material…leaving a smelly mess…and fear….

months later, the lane was repaired laid with tuff tiles…some relief…but the heavy down pour would be scary till it lasted…it came back…

Like the divine music…nature’s guidance descended…forgetting something so vital…yes..the prayer..the prayer..for the rain…and then I became a prayer warrior..I opened the small prayer book my daughter had gifted..’Ammi keep this close’

Prayer that changes destiny, the onslaught of the enemy the evil eye ,prayer that protects prayer that keeps one safe prayer that brings help….That is the key ..prayer is better than sleep….yet I was weak  but I tried…and held on to the rope with all the strength I could gather…the flood stopped…but came again…but again prayer helped…as Allah is the Greatest Most Gracious Most Merciful…the Forgiving…

Rain is a blessing it is pure…but prayer is must…prayer is the answer…and  a flashback …the vivid memory of Grandfather sitting in a chair, praying,reciting holy verses as thunder raged lightning crashed…it was a dark and stormy night…the year 1956…I ran from room to room flashing a torch…I felt no fear…I am no longer afraid….

silence is the night..so peaceful…..so serene….

‘those [among them] who believed in Allah and the Last Day and did righteousness – will have their reward with their Lord, and no fear will there be concerning them, nor will they grieve.Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The Cow)


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