A Story A Day ~ 5 ~ The Real Question~ Thunderous Lightning ~


He sends down water from the sky, and riverbeds flow according to their capacity. The current carries swelling froth. And from what they heat in fire of ornaments or utensils comes a similar froth. Thus God exemplifies truth and falsehood. As for the froth, it is swept away, but what benefits the people remains in the ground. Thus God presents the analogies.

Surah  13 Thunder Verse.. 17

Allah O Akbar’  my heart spoke out as a terrible cracking sound rang out, a loud thunder clap..darkness of the night sharply broken by the stark white flash ..split second speed…my feet cold,numb, froze…the spirit anticipated more but…all was quiet…then came the pattering sound of rain as the clouds began the release of purified soft drops…blessing uncountable..can anyone ever count the raindrops? or the clouds or the birds swooping down right and left,rising up turning around and swooping down again… showing their joy and fear and respect for their Creator,praising in flight and flock…they are definitely better enjoying the freedom of the atmosphere…

this afternoon the skies hid the sun from time to time..I could feel the warmth and the cold alternating as I sat outside watching the scene..what glory what power is manifest…and the question again struck…what must I do ..how can I reach out to spread His word name and love …as my duty…ignorance engulfed me ..how much do I know..what effort have I made to learn..to read His word and about His Messenger…how many names do I remember?…my head bowed down..I know ..but a little…suddenly I felt the sunlight grow brighter…the clouds had shifted away while questions struck my soul…I felt warm ..the message..’ begin again…open the book..share…remove the cold darkness…let the light of knowledge shine through words….words..yes..words….words…..read..read..read……


.Oh there is a wall…under construction…and another a little away from the gate’ I noticed this change as we drove past on our way to the capital…’ the old historic graveyard…where world war heroes lie in peace…the time when this part of the continent was under British Rule..a colony..no freedom…why are the walls being built? another disturbing question…important persons visited this area..Princess Diana came..Ah..the car moved ahead…change was visible as yet again the old tonga stand was no more..this was 22 No Chungi…as it is still known…no walls here…


22 No Chungi

my story today kept hovering on the word..questions’..test questions..O level questions..




img_0332 what about this stone in the way..how did it come here? for how long? how many people felt it blocking their way? did anyone try to remove it..did not seem that way…well..any way…

then I saw…another way..small dusty ‘katchi’ pag dandi’…a bird sitting right in the middle…what strange sights we come across if we are with an awakened spirit..are we..no is it He who shows us His miracles…His ways of guiding towards the Truth..Who gives food to the tiniest of creatures on Earth..see how the bird feeds itself…if only we understand and be grateful…

The car moved on…the lesson…clear the way for others..make life easy..help others unseen ..who ever may pass the way…and ..Oh dear ..traffic…more traffic..block…block…..img_0349


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