A Story A Day ~ 16 ~ خلایِ مخلوق ? life around ..Frightening, Not Without A Purpose ~


dog  At first I thought it was the neighbors cat,often prowling at night. Sneaking in the open space just outside my bedroom window, curling up napping and leaving before the break of dawn…but wait a minute,the sound is different…slightly louder than that made by a cat…it is not the softer purr…it cant be the dog…the neighbors never let him loose..he barks his heart out when hungry…but could be one…

I dared not peep through the window lest I see a ghost or some supernatural species…’Oh come now, are you afraid? where is the power of ‘Ayatul kursi verses that you recite so many times all day? No NO I am not afraid in that way,’my inner self whispered an answer,

‘ then you are listening too much to the discussions on the media about the ‘khalai makhlooq’… ‘the makhlooq will really come down one day and…..

‘what a silly idea..someone talking about mysterious unknown people, whom they themselves don’t know about’ or so it seems’…they should have read the methods and modes of the great mystery writers…Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Agatha Christie or perhaps even Mr Bram Stoker but they would only if they had any love of reading or books or knowledge…alas
The second night at about 11 pm the prowling sound again caught my attention…for a while I sat still, straining my ears trying to make sense and wondered what was it …gathering my courage I opened the sliding window,switched on the back porch light and stepped outside to check…there was no one, I mean no cat or a rat or…then a little farther away in the dark,close to the boundary wall, something moving made me alert…then it came in full view…it was a small dog…weak and frail in body…sniffing and biting on something he was trying to clutch with his front paws…’it must be a bone’ I thought but..’he must be very hungry’ …what if he suddenly pounces and attacks me…but he kept his distance…that made my fears ease up a bit but I had to remain cautious…’I will wait till dawn, maybe he will go away…’ I stepped back into the room and locked the door.
As soon as the day dawned, I looked outside and saw what my dear readers you can see in the photograph…the dog had pulled down my cotton veil hung up to dry…and was sleeping or had fallen on it ,totally exhausted …

Oh Allah ji’ I called my husband…’he is famished, let me get some ‘roti’…how will he eat? I remembered Blondie’ the dog at my daughters place…she used to give him roti, left over bones, soaked in milk…Blondie would howl and bark till the food was given to him..but this poor dog was devoid of any energy, ‘I hope he is not going to die? please not here…’
‘to my great sense of relief the dog moved and slowly stretched and moved and finally managed to sit up…give him the roti now’…and let us see…and dear readers this was the result…he held the piece of whole meal with his paws and slowly started eating it….within a few minutes he had eaten all of it…and again dropped off into the world of oblivion….
469 We knew not whence he came, nor who was the owner…‘He came to eat the food Allah had set for him here..’ see,these are Allah’s ways of providing ‘rizq’ to his creations on this Earth -Subhaan Allah
May Allah                                  be praised. 

After gratefully finishing his treat the dog stretched   twisted yawned and got up, slowly, dragged himself only to fall asleep again this time…just outside my windo…

After an hour or so I remembered and went to check..the dog was no more there….he never returned




For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ‘Narcissus’ ~


Image result for narcissus in mythology

if one in oneself be so engrossed
so as not to hear the soft tap
of a falling leaf just broken
and blown away,
not knowing its


and we in our lustful hunger
hold on to the temporal stay
lying deception bold, astray
O’ deceived,innocent blunder’

dipped in Lethe, gaze fixed
forgetful love oblivious that
stagnancy is death, while
celestial stars in motion,live

humans differ from reptiles?
reflections do not reflect’ –
‘mirror mirror ‘or water water
let’s analyse in retrospect-

“Allama Mohammed Iqbal Poet of The East wrote
Here’s the couplet from the poem,’ The Renaissance of Islam (طلوع اسلام):

Hazaron Saal Nargis Apni Benoori Pe Roti Hai
Bari Mushkil Se Hota Hai Chaman Mein Didahwar Paida’

For thousand years the narcissus was lamenting its lack of luster;
With great difficulty the one with true vision is born in the garden

self love leads to destruction
true faith lost, is in  peace ..obstruction’
Let Bacchus reign,
then usher in pain
nothing prevails but frustration

Reflected light  of the moon,
acceptance shines through

lustrous beauty
hides the shadows, lit is the world
from Antartica to Attu.


A Story A Day ~3~ Feline Friends Appear’ The Name was Yoda’

So much can be written about these friendly felines of my life.I wonder often about the purpose and the reason.There always is one strange mysterious having a metaphysical connection…supernatural communication,unknown protection and spiritual companion….and ,well…..

Today my story is about the cats that come by themselves.I have named the latest..’Allah Ditti’…Later I came to know that I should call it ‘Allah Ditta’….the real name being Yoda’…..

There is one here too’ I heard my son say…’where? …hardly a week in the new house and a grey cat appears in the porch…’she seems frightened…I thought…at first but day by day as another week passed she made her place in the small back porch…a regular visitor…the pictures below show the cats that appeared in our house in Rawalpindi…we left the place in 2014 December …severely cold winter that gave me partial pneumonia…but also recorded a family get together-dinner…


I have long known that cats have always been close.They come by themselves and keep watch,guard and try to communicate…the photographs below are recent…October 2016..14589699_10154585636700747_7498798443233540404_o img_20170117_152236_577

we shifted to a third house in this area near Insaf street …people say we are IK’s neighbors and IK does not know…maybe some day I will walk up the hill for a visit….one day I noticed the limp…she was cared for with milk and a soft cushion…she stayed till she felt better…I was so happy to see the cured leg…and how she was happy too…rolling on her back with joy purring loudly …wanting to play more and more….and so one day she pushed her way inside the house…Oh dear’ this cannot be allowed..I felt sad for her..but somehow it made me uncomfortable….

I noticed that she would sit outside the door on the steps…then on the car bonnet..happy and satisfied…but we did not own it ..Yoda had to be home where she belonged….and so one day the neighbor’s son came and carried her away

I have not seen her for the last two days….strange but I am missing Yoda …

how is it that a small animal can be so loving soft and playful….and human beings….well….strangers are around too….

A Story ~Day ~2 ~ No Postal Service. Only Posts…

Image result for elf clipart black and white

Alas,we are so bound by restraints constraints and complaints.Communication methods,ways and means have changed,perhaps for the better,but more for the faster…

faster what?

faster exchange of letters’..er..not those long lined written letters but the letters of the alphabet, in broken dotted forms..but I guess they do convey the meaning..that is what the ‘language experts say..’one needs to convey the meaning or the message..er..language does not matter…well…I am thinking…

but my story though related to communication involves one latest addition to all this ‘mass..comm..material…

what’s that?

the map..the Google map..well then its a google map story

in the cats and dogs rain,in the darkness of the night, a brave one motivated me to use the google map..in fact I learned how to share the location on the google map…the directions were good and well understood..but ..if only ..well..

‘well, drop the pin after entering your address…’where?

well,where you live…click on the location and a pin will appear..on the panel you will see the ‘share option’ and just send it to me ..paste it..in the inbox…

all said and done…

alas’ my house was not to be found on the actual scene….

‘can’t find your house…came the message

‘where are you now ..its raining so hard…

‘well I am where you dropped the pin’…..

I clutched the plastic bag ..the elf slipper boots seemed to move..maybe the elf was trying to say something..’its all your doing’…now see ..my friend is lost in the pin…how in the world…..’Rumpelstiltskin…I am here and that is my name….cash and carry I do…am here…

………………rain rain go to Spain…pin…pin….google….google map..education…communication…….

stay there….don’t move..I think I located the pin…..

hey wake up …wake up…the elf slippers are gone…..

Communication by mobile by google map must be learnt….times are no more the elfie times…forests…maybe ..some elves do exist…..





What Stranger Story Than This…The Pair of Slippers’~

‘I need to change..er..no..maybe get a new pair’…these are now almost four years old…hmm, though they are still in good shape’at least to me they seem so…or maybe I try to convince myself….’how long since I had that major surgery…? How we roamed the night before check in at the surgical ward…one bazar to the other, to markets in and out of shoe shops looking for that one comfortable pair…some slippers were hard with tough soles..some heavy,some pinched,some looked extra large, some were the crossed ones which give me the cramps. ..finally after three tiring hours I finally decided on one
‘ thoughts kept drifting in the inner recesses of the mind.’They look OK ,a bit larger in size for me but this is the best at the moment. No more time now…Image result for rubber slippers
For many days,I had these slippers in and around the changing options but somehow each passing day had its own activity. We were preparing to shift premises, from a flat to a more cooler floor living…day my daughter was to land in from Dubai was also drawing closer.
‘Mom would you be able to settle…I mean set some rooms by the time we come..? Oh I know dear don’t worry, you can keep our KIA till you get your Corolla or..whatever..
Oh well, what will you do? Oh we can coordinate time on weekends for groceries or maybe once during the week’…and so it was all settled.
Slippers’ slippers….’No Elves and the Shoemakers around ,eh? the new premises were surrounded by thick greenery,some trees and many bushes..’bhang plants’ all along the road….well..shh…shh..and so the green KIA was driven away to stay with grand children…
Time passed and the search for the new car began too…prayers for safety …and precautions from car thieves said…finally the hidden vehicle was found checked and bought…in between there is another story..but that will be a separate chapter….
Now as it happened there was a pair of brown slippers in the back foot space of the car.

‘Oh whose slippers are these?..’Not mine,not mine,certainly not mine….no one claimed them…they were in the car…no one knew who put them there..no one knew when and how they came to be there…strange…the slippers were new…but lying open..I mean not in a bag.. ‘Dear have you asked the kids?…Mom yes a number of times,no one remembers,neither their father…well…lets keep them for some days and we shall soon find the owner..’
The few days went by.Few more went by..till the new car arrived too and our dear dear KIA green also came home…with the slippers still inside…unclaimed…
Three days is the given time period…more than that had passed.
‘The miracle…the slippers were sent by the Divine Will..they were sent…they came…they were brought..because someone knew I needed a pair..a lighter one for quickly tiring feet…
Thank you O Almighty Allah…for the gift…You are the Greatest the Most Merciful the Most Gracious….

For Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ Wordle #125 “October 17th, 2016” ~


‘Precisely’ she remarked,her mind far away from the subject.

‘Oh please close the window,its cold and the cold… its creepy, creeping in from the dark shadows outside. ‘November is creeping up to…this time of the year is quite like the ancient magical mysterious …er….She shuddered at the thought.Shuddered a bit lest her friends languishing now in their comfortable sofa chairs around the circular table,might see through the pall,the shaded cloak she had draped round her shoulders,a uniform she had adopted since she had the vision and the secret revelation…No No it was not forged…it was real…a reality denoting the fact that ‘Mediums do exist’ in these times…

She was calm now…’Well, friends,who’s next?

Image result for medium spiritual

‘Your deal’ a soft voice said. The cards lightly hissed on the green felt table top.Equal distribution felt like a ‘rationed quota’.Sinister game afoot.The thought again was secretly terrifying.

‘Would she be able to find the clue,now that the cards were all out?

The moment had arrived.To play the Pneumatic she would need all her inner strength.

‘No time to skulk now’

‘I wish to show’ she declared.’her eyes were moving towards the slightly drawn curtains,towards the window, as if expecting someone…’

Chimes rang. ‘Ah 11 o’clock’ …There …aces…four…and you have the three Kings….’

I got it… its true…3 plus 4…is equal to 7 …it is the 17th and its October….

17th of October 1905

Revolution…A revolution ! She leaned forward to collect the cards,and as she did she felt a pull at her cloak….Oh Oh what…?


Precisely’Dear Wake Up’ It is the 17th of October…what a lovely cool morning….

Lets have breakfast….


For Bluebell Books Twitter Club ~ Short Story Slam Week 49, July 21—August 7, 2016, Silver Swan ~ Follow The Red Trail


In the shadow of the moonlight

he emerged from behind the trees

she could see the smile in his eyes

but felt the hard steel on his body

Do you know how far you have come?

My life my love my land and you my lord

is all I know…’do not leave me now…for

I have no way back…only one to- freedom’

Ah, a long way to go, a hundred years or so

‘Blood red blood bodies pellets more -blood’

Faith is strong aim is true my life for land and you’

There comes the fairy..its past midnight…your guide

If you come and wish to be with me, follow the …er…

flow…not the river..nor the moonlight glow, but blood

will it be…follow the Red Trail and you will find me’