A Story A Day ~ 16 ~ خلایِ مخلوق ? life around ..Frightening, Not Without A Purpose ~


dog  At first I thought it was the neighbors cat,often prowling at night. Sneaking in the open space just outside my bedroom window, curling up napping and leaving before the break of dawn…but wait a minute,the sound is different…slightly louder than that made by a cat…it is not the softer purr…it cant be the dog…the neighbors never let him loose..he barks his heart out when hungry…but could be one…

I dared not peep through the window lest I see a ghost or some supernatural species…’Oh come now, are you afraid? where is the power of ‘Ayatul kursi verses that you recite so many times all day? No NO I am not afraid in that way,’my inner self whispered an answer,

‘ then you are listening too much to the discussions on the media about the ‘khalai makhlooq’… ‘the makhlooq will really come down one day and…..

‘what a silly idea..someone talking about mysterious unknown people, whom they themselves don’t know about’ or so it seems’…they should have read the methods and modes of the great mystery writers…Sir Arthur Conan Doyle of Agatha Christie or perhaps even Mr Bram Stoker but they would only if they had any love of reading or books or knowledge…alas
The second night at about 11 pm the prowling sound again caught my attention…for a while I sat still, straining my ears trying to make sense and wondered what was it …gathering my courage I opened the sliding window,switched on the back porch light and stepped outside to check…there was no one, I mean no cat or a rat or…then a little farther away in the dark,close to the boundary wall, something moving made me alert…then it came in full view…it was a small dog…weak and frail in body…sniffing and biting on something he was trying to clutch with his front paws…’it must be a bone’ I thought but..’he must be very hungry’ …what if he suddenly pounces and attacks me…but he kept his distance…that made my fears ease up a bit but I had to remain cautious…’I will wait till dawn, maybe he will go away…’ I stepped back into the room and locked the door.
As soon as the day dawned, I looked outside and saw what my dear readers you can see in the photograph…the dog had pulled down my cotton veil hung up to dry…and was sleeping or had fallen on it ,totally exhausted …

Oh Allah ji’ I called my husband…’he is famished, let me get some ‘roti’…how will he eat? I remembered Blondie’ the dog at my daughters place…she used to give him roti, left over bones, soaked in milk…Blondie would howl and bark till the food was given to him..but this poor dog was devoid of any energy, ‘I hope he is not going to die? please not here…’
‘to my great sense of relief the dog moved and slowly stretched and moved and finally managed to sit up…give him the roti now’…and let us see…and dear readers this was the result…he held the piece of whole meal with his paws and slowly started eating it….within a few minutes he had eaten all of it…and again dropped off into the world of oblivion….
469 We knew not whence he came, nor who was the owner…‘He came to eat the food Allah had set for him here..’ see,these are Allah’s ways of providing ‘rizq’ to his creations on this Earth -Subhaan Allah
May Allah                                  be praised. 

After gratefully finishing his treat the dog stretched   twisted yawned and got up, slowly, dragged himself only to fall asleep again this time…just outside my windo…

After an hour or so I remembered and went to check..the dog was no more there….he never returned




FOR ~ The Poet by Day ~ dancing toward infinity, a poem … Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ January 17, 2018 ~ Jamie Dedes~ Waltzing On…

spiral galaxy in Constellation, Coma Berenices, 60 million light years from Earth



spiral galaxy in Constellation, Coma Berenices, 60 million light years from Earth




waltzing on the melodious
music, feather like, rising
gliding,  embraced by light-
the Earth is All Bed
Sky all dome, a roof
shining in the day
glittering at night-
to show us the way

Boundless infinity oceanic
no end in sight,timeless,
and we mortals in oblivion
think about being en-gloved,
encircled we dance immersed
in  perpetual  meditation

we shall, in cool shadows be
with obedience and charity
for good we did, in year past
what good we do now, to last,
our hearts, swirling constellation
a nucleus smooth, unfurled silk

in time dissolved, myriads to
dust, rising spiraling merging
with countless orchestras in
harmonic symphonies of the
milky way, unknown infinity
like the never ending sea in oceans

cycling fresh blessings in motion
warming steam to vapors, floating
to infinity in dancing drops in
rotation, creating revolution
from sky to sand, and we say
rain falling, cooling drowning


and I say Blessed, drenched in
peace like the circling dervish
one with nature,in stillness bent
‘in my beginning is my end’
Light makes me light,boundless
flight, I say I am embraced…
Embraced in Eternal Heavenly Light



For dVerse ~ Poets Pub ~ Grace ~ Merged in Celestial Spheres `

IMG_20170306_181048_087-1  In sight all clear,in gaze no cut no break
peaceful smoothness beyond distance not
measurable, vast boundless, silence in grace

Nature manifest tenderness in petals
leaves murmur and whisper delights
water crystal flows and sings in hills
green and serene, in green grace

Grace majestically touches the senses
as breeze blows around branches swing
and birds twitter, grace abounds, dances
who descends such love and joyful things?

Grace is beauty and beauty grace
Natures spaces and spaces in Nature
darkness shades the daylights departure
grace emerges in bejeweled rapture.

For The Poet By Day ~ Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ Who Knows What Life May Have In Store…

What is on your mind and in your heart as you start the new year?

The year ends,
leaving gifts joys and blessings
reunions , joining relationships
for some the time is joyful
for some full of pain
as days of sorrow and parting
come back again

this year I feel peace and joy
yet sorrow and fear move along
for life manifests hungry poverty
threats to security and liberty
enemies restless firing bullets
innocent killing goes on…

some enjoy the snow and play
for them cold snow is a game
some lie shivering,no name
some build bonfires the same
sing dance and be merry
for tomorrow is,no blame

will come to shine and light
my heart says forgive more
make happiness and space
for others to share, spend less
save more, war looms ahead

who knows what life may have
in store,
work work and work
make life meaningful and easy
for others,help them if you can
smile smile smile
be grateful for all the blessings
look around there are miles
and miles and miles of them

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Celebrate~

winter snow poem

in cold, grief  snow bound encapsulated
crushed fallen swept foliage separated
branches heaving moaning  sighing
I , like the brave trunk stiff but

December last days,ending or drifting
to  new beginnings, dreary evenings
what is to be celebrated, one is thinking
it is a time of gathering and blessing…

bloodshed blasts ,death blows through
North East North West North South North
does not stop- by benumbing weather
death knows not barbed wire or border

why celebrate the coming of Peace when
peace is not belief,when straff and strife
is here there and everywhere, then, do
do we really love or care for human life “?

Celebrate with joy in white and red
white is a shroud and blood is red
spirits rise, bodies lie, darkened sky
players play with arms’ held high-

I seek Peace and Holy Peace will come!
we pray and decorate honor and wait’
‘O People do not stop to Celebrate’ the
Gift of Life, let the Bells Ring, anticipate

bury the hate for black or white
world is a rainbow ‘ day or night
think stop think no one is winning’
Hark, I feel, Someone Blessed is Coming’

Know now the reason the time, not, is late’
Time to Be Happy Time to Celebrate , Celebrate

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ‘Narcissus’ ~


Image result for narcissus in mythology

if one in oneself be so engrossed
so as not to hear the soft tap
of a falling leaf just broken
and blown away,
not knowing its


and we in our lustful hunger
hold on to the temporal stay
lying deception bold, astray
O’ deceived,innocent blunder’

dipped in Lethe, gaze fixed
forgetful love oblivious that
stagnancy is death, while
celestial stars in motion,live

humans differ from reptiles?
reflections do not reflect’ –
‘mirror mirror ‘or water water
let’s analyse in retrospect-

“Allama Mohammed Iqbal Poet of The East wrote
Here’s the couplet from the poem,’ The Renaissance of Islam (طلوع اسلام):

Hazaron Saal Nargis Apni Benoori Pe Roti Hai
Bari Mushkil Se Hota Hai Chaman Mein Didahwar Paida’

For thousand years the narcissus was lamenting its lack of luster;
With great difficulty the one with true vision is born in the garden

self love leads to destruction
true faith lost, is in  peace ..obstruction’
Let Bacchus reign,
then usher in pain
nothing prevails but frustration

Reflected light  of the moon,
acceptance shines through

lustrous beauty
hides the shadows, lit is the world
from Antartica to Attu.


For ~Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Peace ~ What is Peace?

 IMG_20170923_161546_764  silent quiet comfort ease

painless fear,

birds chirping among the leaves

trees joyfully slowly changing color

no axe cuts nor tries to bend or pull,

nor ever will and the tree knows…is this peace?

children have space to play and run

no gun will fire, no bomb from the sky

no buildings collapse, no houses burn

no cries screams shouts are heard , milk and biscuits taken with fun, and the kids know’

is this peace?


no road blocks no VIP movement no waiting for hours

no delays at courts no sudden acid thrown on the face

no terror vehicles racing, cooker bombs shattering

marathons with hundreds smiling,and the people know

is this peace?


was peace only in gardens and Greece

perhaps they knew how to make it

or was peace with the Indian Chiefs

who knew the pipe and  how to smoke it


waiting for peace will not work at all

we must create the quiet  acceptance

control the anger fire and hate, as

wars  conflicts aggression must cease


or else the end must always come

see the writing on the wall…prepare

prepare, prepare beware ….there is

the final  striking  killing fall….