A Story A Day ~ 9 ~ Bridge Bridged and Abridged Memories ~ Is Life a Game of Cards ?


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‘Family seated at the dining table talking in low voices, some smilingly with heads bent ,dinner long over but not the togetherness…’Bridge’ the word I heard clearly…and then the shuffling …after some tense moments of silence…’two spades]…three hearts’…no bid’…my first understanding of the word ‘bridge’ rested as a game played with cards, a game deeply engrossing and serious…as I remember family sitting quietly as elders held the colorful paper pieces and for long sat together…it was more of ‘being together,being quiet in the presence of elders,following rules and maintaining discipline…’bridge’ as a game kept the family together…’bridge’ I understood years later,was a game that pushed away feelings of loss,heaviness of separation, trials of migration and was an expression of gratitude and peace…the time was a just after the great divide,the great event,the emergence of a new state and the terror of the mass massacre across the newly created borders…we remember we should remember …memories of those who sacrificed all…’bridge was a bridge to strengthen relationships, in a new country…a new togetherness….

Bridges around the world have become famous for their design and grandeur.Amazing achievements of human endeavor.Many unfinished and broken have left scars upon the great feats.

My travels across the Northern Areas of Pakistan enabled me to see walk across the suspension bridges in Gilgit Danyor Hunza and Nagar. travelling in a CJ5 Toyota it was scary but a solid sturdy drive.This was in the 1960s when cameras were not so handy.

Many bridges are still needed and in recent times my experience brought before me the Korang bridge…overflowing in heavy rainfall,blocking traffic, drowning kids and at the same time giving relief to buffaloes,dusty vehicles and picnic goers…well..life has variety and nature has unending blessings….

where is the bridge? which way do we go or come by….

you have to cross the narrow bridge,
the bridge open from both sides
oh dear,is it dangerous ? no not really,
drive carefully and you will be
fine,do not look left and right’
you know the rules,you must abide…
why do bridges built once are left incomplete? risky

people walk,not all have cars,many go on donkey carts
too heavy for buses or trucks to pass,dogs and sheep

and buffaloes saunter,rather dip in to clean their parts
peering peeping at all who pass or standby to wash cars

buffaloes find peace in water,as sheep find in passing
donkeys find in crossing continuously,no stopping
drivers find peace peace in clean cars, dogs in running
after vehicles, and I just watch and try to gather joy

that I believe is visible for I see the freedom
in little acts of life, cleaner safer lighter feeling
peace it is peace it must be,peace for the day
peace ..maybe ..all the way, on the way,on the bridge

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Kindness ~ A Mask Temporary ~

IMG_20170314_180150_494 Divinity thou art true kindness.

Warmth from the star in coolness

Nature’s love in loving caress

Stable land, motion in smoothness

So humans can walk or run sit or stand

Divinity thou art truly kind.

Kindness in a smile

a mask temporary, a touch on the cheek, a greeting,

mockery, a wave from the window,deception meeting…

kindness thou may rest in the heart, and flow from the eyes

filling an empty bowl to fill an empty stomach…

Kindness thou art care

Kindness thou art rare

a mask temporary…to gain publicity, filling a ballot box next time

taking over command,illegal reign, control and crime,all is mine’

Kindness thou art cruel,

laughing in the duel, a mask temporary, a salute a handshake,

an image a suit, a speech, vows and promises, no bread but cake

Kindness thou art unfair…

Kindness true,in the sky so blue

when the moon shines through

when birds all sing for me and you

Kindness is a gift and a divine virtue.

For POETS UNITED ~ Midweek Motif ~ Woman’s Day’~ What Day Is It ? She said…

12125-img_0061  What day is it she said…a holiday’

can I go and play? where do you want to go?

Oh just outside no where” and why?

well,just like that”

No, a Baba will come and get you

put you in a sack and take you away’

‘why Mama and who is that Baba?

Dont ask silly questions,stay inside,you are not going anywhere’

“how much I love to climb the tree or just stand by it and feel the rough bark,sometimes smooth,sometimes dark, and I can swing and lean and feel like a queen ,all rich and free,as I hold the tree’ she thought…

and lay down…closed her eyes and began to dream…what day is it?

Woman’s day..what does that mean? day means work I know and night means pray’

‘night is scary night has screams,night has pain night has fright,night has no peace’

baba ? I wonder what is he like? and why will he come? am I made of gold? am I so rich?

where are the diamonds ? are they in my eyes? where is the silver ? on my arms?

No but I have simple clothes,no velvet robes nor diamond necklaces’

what day is it?  weekday..

‘Go finish your work’ and don’t say you are hungry and be quiet’

‘why did you ask for more” ‘ no more for you ,its for the boys’

well,what day is it?

not my day she thought…not today or any day…no way…no say…no day..

just me..and I only wanted to play…can I not even play?  Oh Dear..

then I must be a toy myself…now I know…why I can’t be bold…and I must do

all..as I am told…….

what day is it?….who knows……..




For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif-Fear- In Perspective…



                                      “Know that the friends of God have no fear nor are they sad.” Surat Yunus (10), Verse 62:



Sinking suddenly inside the heart,pangs of tremors, fingers cold feet unstable

thoughts of hurt just crossed the mind, unknown sounds beat against the skin

it is nothing,stay calm,pray and it will go,recite a dirge,bow down low,or just sit

dust is dust,hard is the stone if it hits,blood may flow,shaking ground,caving in’,


this feeling deep inside is called fear,good or bad,praiseworthy or blameworthy

bastion of faith, the elixir of piety, weapon of a believer, first fear  is momentary,

alive, overpowering controlling holding preventing guiding protecting saving

fear screams fear shields fear is honor grace respect allegiance and faith sturdy


if faith is strong then nothing is wrong,knowledge abides of good and right

fear keeps law in sight,discipline in fright,safety in purpose and at night

so let there be fear in pure honesty for praiseworthy is for our eventual good

blessings blessings blessings …with fear good to stay on the right steady and tight


see the power blocked by a cloud,fleeting darkness then sunshine bright

this is how fear works ,with faith and joy in the sky , we need to perceive

believe believe believe pray pray pray, gratitude every day every day everyday

fear is good do not fear, fear itself is spiritual hope,keep hoping come what may

For Jingle Poetry ~ Bluebell Books Twitter Club Short Story Slam Week 54 ~ In Freedom…


In Freedom There is Fear
When a close and dear
one, is no more,

In Freedom there is blood
When All you made in life
Is washed away in flood;

In freedom there is sacrifice
When all you claim and own
Is taken away without a price;

In freedom there is liberty
For many just a statue
fights, no rights, nor equality;

In Freedom there are letters
promises and false hopes
soon you are in iron fetters;

In Freedom I was born
I never saw my land
I long for its beauty
In dewdrops shining
In the morn;

In Freedom there is a gift
treasure not and you find
it floating by and adrift;

In Freedom there is easeImage result for fish swimming glittering
calm and harmony, hold
it strong for eternal peace.


For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Conquest’ – I Came, I Saw,I Wrote ~ What Was Conquered? Conversations With An Unseen Confidant ~ 2016


One sunny morning after a quick breakfast
of hot tea with toasted bread and omelette
we set off to the Green  Hills
so close,so peaceful,so purifying so serene
so I am falling…falling short of words,
so I will just fall in step
the green  Classic car,now quite used to
become a ready-for-action,family friendly,
performance inspired vehicle pulling itself
comfortably up the curvy road
allowing the guide to steer it to the top.

Slowly the four wheeled green among the greens
curved as the road turned twisted and went winding,
till there was no road…we had reached the top..
amazing peace ,incredibly sweet scented pines,
needles carpeted the small open spaces
between the tall elegant graceful trees-
sturdy solid and powerful like Life Guards
fixed in the ground studded with large
and small boulders.
Quietude could be felt.


This, a conquest? a wish to be in serenity
peaceful cool without fear or terror.
There are such places on this beautiful Earth.
If only we seek move and search…if only….

Great soldiers brave and bold came saw and conquered
rode over plains and hills,fought and killed and felt honored…
‘Ah but that is not the real conquest’ O peace seeker’
Oh who is this? then what is pray let me know
Now that you have found and heard the voice of my soul’
‘Listen,it is the power within you, in your inner self
the Power of Faith,the power of Will over Desire’
Let not your desires rule over your self’
‘Who is a great conqueror then?
One who is able to control emotions,anger and hate
One who has learnt to serve others,with patience and love
One who has learnt to obey the Truth,the duties of real life
Above All One who has learnt that Giving and Forgiving’
leads to serenity green, eternal bliss …
where are Alexander the Great Pharoah Ozmandias
and King Odysseus of Ithica- so many more?
What did they conquer? They came they saw they fought’
Others came saw wondered and wondered,pieces of metal
they found in sand and stone,the Conquering Kings wore…
and all was history…all will be history…green will be brown
Then all was silent.
I turned…I saw the trees, ‘these will stay…I have to go’
My spirit free…a conquest of my self …I wrote…
as raindrops turned into falling snow…

For Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Blessings ~~ Sound Sleep No Pain ~

sound sleep no pain, on the fresh green grass
I have walked and lain,lush sweet scented

trees swinging gracefully I have seen,felt
the sun with the breeze cool not too hot,

feeling alive after grief and sorrow,losing
dear ones,but getting more with morrow

eyes to read books and see,hearing music
of the spheres, birds gliding chirping

flowers smiling,children playing laughing
singing,joyful pleasures spreading, and yet

there was day and night fear and fright
as I also lived with loss of speech and sight

helpless to help one with no help or sense
nor remedy for the agony that followed hence

life is a blessing with no shoes,if you have feet
to walk and legs to stand, a family to love

and prayers and grace from above, freedom
to write and food enough to share

then I may say that one is blessed, countless
graces are more than this,we cannot count

many we miss…so if there is enough and
life is not tough,add more chairs to the table

open the doors of your heart and soul
to truth honesty loyalty and enable

other lives towards being stable, give
and share and be grateful -Pray for All

so ye be more blessed before the final fall…..



For Bluebell Books Twitter Club ~Short Story Slam Week 51: Touch the sky Dreams ~~ Whirling Colors in the Sky’


pageants of multi colored circles

continuously  mixing separating forming

eternal orbiting rainbows

like multifarious lens opening in the sky

up high,round and round they move

effulgence extreme

was the sky ever dark or blue

incredible miraculous amazing hue

Divine Power manifest unimaginable

mesmerized I gaze and try to comprehend

Love is Supreme in colors and scheme

in a flash…all was glowing -the evening sun

shone ,I saw it smile,coming closer …closer

dancing with joy, whirling twirling…fading down

I waved farewell… and heard ‘the predawn prayer’

Call Sound…




For Bluebell Books Twitter Club ~ Short Story Slam Week 49, July 21—August 7, 2016, Silver Swan ~ Follow The Red Trail


In the shadow of the moonlight

he emerged from behind the trees

she could see the smile in his eyes

but felt the hard steel on his body

Do you know how far you have come?

My life my love my land and you my lord

is all I know…’do not leave me now…for

I have no way back…only one to- freedom’

Ah, a long way to go, a hundred years or so

‘Blood red blood bodies pellets more -blood’

Faith is strong aim is true my life for land and you’

There comes the fairy..its past midnight…your guide

If you come and wish to be with me, follow the …er…

flow…not the river..nor the moonlight glow, but blood

will it be…follow the Red Trail and you will find me’


Glorious Message Manifest

desktop 116

‘Nature gloriously manifests in Light and glitters like priceless diamonds in darkness. Visible to an open eye in an open sharing heart. There is always a message in the boundless skies.

Cool comfort filled, embroidered silky blue, contrasted sharply the palled mood, in silence caged, restless soul stood
in revered attendance apprehensive, lest
it not further interfered
or even tenderly touched, seemingly severe sensitivity-
yet faith and patience have their own reward…
Soon the cover blue blossomed, showering far reaching
arcs of rainbows, descending friendly flowers,
amid the chaos the spirit felt outstretched extended
a welcome farewell entwined in momentary space
little are we conscious, from where
visions appear or disappear,
while in shadows or through what windows
no tunnels or dark spaces, but in broad daylight,
what a lovely garden in sight it becomes as one smiles,
and before your very eyes, but unknown to flowers,
you see the colors passing by…
dressed in blue but not in mood while
the spirit behind the pillar stood…
felt the happiness visible in the smile,
saw the colors again in momentary space till
they were visible no more, like the empty bridge lying still, bare and exposed,
the huge black gate slowly opened and slowly closed…