A Story A Day ~ 12 ~ Of Nature’s Patterns,Sunshine in the Clouds ~











December, a month of gifts blessings prayers and reunions.. Family weddings  dates specially fixed so that relatives and friends can avail the chilly, yet cool holidays. As the last week of December begins wishes start circulating around the globe. I find no endings or beginnings, not at this stage of life, it seems to be at a standstill, many say it is a blessing and I say ,yes, it is…with health , not wealth, for wealth which we take as and we call it money,  is always in a state of transition…sometimes less sometimes more…
It is a time for prayers …helping others finding the truth and appreciating it,feeling peaceful and observing nature…have you ever done star gazing at night? I remember stargazing, identifying constellations and the hemispheres of the skies…in the Summer nights…uncle was an amazing expert, he had a book with pictures, the book was Astrology’, though uncle was a Botany professor but I guess he loved science ,and later he introduced mystery and scientific investigation and research and above all…adventure when he brought ‘The Three Musketeers’ for me…and I too came to love not exactly one botanical part of science but all of nature…I get extremely spiritually excited for a feel a strange attraction towards the sun the clouds the high flying birds rivers mountains sunsets and sunrises and so much more..as nature is an endless amazing world…

I wonder and often fail to understand why people say, ‘you have the time,we don’t’ but where does time go? time is always on the move, we need to follow time..as time will not wait for anyone, nor be still,

and here I share the recently captured on camera patterns of the clouds..was this the story that I wanted to write I wonder…?

it is the communication of nature and the understanding it conveys….I stop here to continue later hopefully…..Ah it is getting cooler as evening draws closer to the dark shades


Oh the new moon’ as we turned the car  on Korang road, moving towards the small residential area I caught the small bright crescent…amazing view of nature…and my memories stirred again..the study of the moon flashed across the canvas, the craters and many years later heard the moon landing ‘live’ on the radio’…every time the moon appears so amazing…nature is never tiring never ending beauty…eternal existence…and it is all for us to enjoy and appreciate…not destroy…

the car stopped..we had reached home….



For The Poet By Day ~ Wednesday Writing Prompt ~ Who Knows What Life May Have In Store…

What is on your mind and in your heart as you start the new year?

The year ends,
leaving gifts joys and blessings
reunions , joining relationships
for some the time is joyful
for some full of pain
as days of sorrow and parting
come back again

this year I feel peace and joy
yet sorrow and fear move along
for life manifests hungry poverty
threats to security and liberty
enemies restless firing bullets
innocent killing goes on…

some enjoy the snow and play
for them cold snow is a game
some lie shivering,no name
some build bonfires the same
sing dance and be merry
for tomorrow is,no blame

will come to shine and light
my heart says forgive more
make happiness and space
for others to share, spend less
save more, war looms ahead

who knows what life may have
in store,
work work and work
make life meaningful and easy
for others,help them if you can
smile smile smile
be grateful for all the blessings
look around there are miles
and miles and miles of them

A Story A Day ~ 11 ~ SCRABBLE & Human Nature ~ ‘It’s Just A Game or is it?

Related image‘I love Scrabble’ I heard someone say.’I turned around to see who was the great enthusiast of ‘vocabulary,word building and a continuous joyful spirit of and sense of healthy competition…there was no one…’anyone there’ ?

Oh Dear a Verbivore Ghost ‘ but no need to be afraid. I said to myself silently.It is me, the Scrabble addict. Ha!

Well, I did feel a bit scared.Then I smiled as I realized the fact that ‘It could be me ME..my inner voice telling me, my  worldly self, ‘Hope you are not wasting your time? putting on weight…be careful you might be putting tons of load upon your inner recesses of emotions, beating fast at the sight of a seven letter word, Ah what pleasure when this hits the board…but what agony when it does not fit and one has to break it and accept a shorter word and lesser marks. ‘But then where is your sportsman’s spirit….? winning does not matter, should not matter really…a voice seemed to say,’ why so many games in line?

well, actually I miss my father. He taught me how to play. Playing with him for long hours taught me many lessons. The best was ‘patience’ ‘How to wait in silence for the turn to lay the tiles on the board. Father would not take much time and often he would miss a turn. ‘Oh a seven letter word is coming up’ …he waited for the right place to fit in the word. This was the second lesson..’Tact’ to be tactful careful and vigilant. Once a French friend playing with me on Facebook said..’Oh you got the place why didn’t I think of that corner, then she admitted the use of the word h-o-a- Oh next time I will use it too’ This word cost her the game, but she played well and always had a clever move up her sleeve.

But recently I got a strange message on Scrabble chat..’during a game session on line…it said,’can you even speak English much less spell it..LOL LOL’ what was this anyway…I checked her game playing status..she had a hundred points more than me but she was losing this game…’not ready to accept defeat ‘ but what a remark..what did she mean to tell me…we hardly knew each other…and we play a game..a game is just a game…come on…

peace peace, how can peace prevail, if a game becomes a duel with lances armor and invisible horses….and there are imaginary kings queens and princesses and ..er shall we say..the witches unseen…Oh Dear this is all becoming the NaNoWrimo 2018…

Image result for scrabble clipart

all is fair in love and war but Scrabble is to be played with sincerity integrity honesty and is a game to learn and enjoy and is a great healthy indoor activity for all ages, while dangers lurk outside.

For POETS UNITED Midweek Motif ~ Celebrate~

winter snow poem

in cold, grief  snow bound encapsulated
crushed fallen swept foliage separated
branches heaving moaning  sighing
I , like the brave trunk stiff but

December last days,ending or drifting
to  new beginnings, dreary evenings
what is to be celebrated, one is thinking
it is a time of gathering and blessing…

bloodshed blasts ,death blows through
North East North West North South North
does not stop- by benumbing weather
death knows not barbed wire or border

why celebrate the coming of Peace when
peace is not belief,when straff and strife
is here there and everywhere, then, do
do we really love or care for human life “?

Celebrate with joy in white and red
white is a shroud and blood is red
spirits rise, bodies lie, darkened sky
players play with arms’ held high-

I seek Peace and Holy Peace will come!
we pray and decorate honor and wait’
‘O People do not stop to Celebrate’ the
Gift of Life, let the Bells Ring, anticipate

bury the hate for black or white
world is a rainbow ‘ day or night
think stop think no one is winning’
Hark, I feel, Someone Blessed is Coming’

Know now the reason the time, not, is late’
Time to Be Happy Time to Celebrate , Celebrate

For ~Poets United Midweek Motif ~ Peace ~ What is Peace?

 IMG_20170923_161546_764  silent quiet comfort ease

painless fear,

birds chirping among the leaves

trees joyfully slowly changing color

no axe cuts nor tries to bend or pull,

nor ever will and the tree knows…is this peace?

children have space to play and run

no gun will fire, no bomb from the sky

no buildings collapse, no houses burn

no cries screams shouts are heard , milk and biscuits taken with fun, and the kids know’

is this peace?


no road blocks no VIP movement no waiting for hours

no delays at courts no sudden acid thrown on the face

no terror vehicles racing, cooker bombs shattering

marathons with hundreds smiling,and the people know

is this peace?


was peace only in gardens and Greece

perhaps they knew how to make it

or was peace with the Indian Chiefs

who knew the pipe and  how to smoke it


waiting for peace will not work at all

we must create the quiet  acceptance

control the anger fire and hate, as

wars  conflicts aggression must cease


or else the end must always come

see the writing on the wall…prepare

prepare, prepare beware ….there is

the final  striking  killing fall….




Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie ~ First Line Friday -September 15th 2017~

jovaria house job 009

“Well, I didn’t want tea anyway.”

it was long past the hour, it was no use looking at the golden wrist watch again and again, the golden tinge now appeared a bit rusty… she twisted the chain and readjusted the closing clip and hoped no one around had noticed…

but her anxiety had been observed…

‘take out your diary and jot some notes,remember JKR? you want to be like her, you always wanted to write and be like a famous writer…writing begins anywhere I mean at any table , it needs a will a decision a determination….you are a treasure of imaginative ideas

I know I know, but writing  is with a cup …I mean of tea …a cup of tea? ah a natural combination but

what happened to your love of tea?

it was… poisoned.’

poisoned? you must be joking  but uh uh how? how on Earth did this happen?

does it matter now?’ her voice flat and emotionless, ‘not only poisoned but ‘erased’,you know what this means? and a new brand… the killer’s favorite… was imposed like…like..martial law rule…it must be prepared everyday, early morning…no breakfast without it…writing also has been ill suffering again and again…it is quite weak now…how will it gain strength when intermittently the ink bottle spills its contents, the nib breaks and the pencils are broken…fetters over fetters…. my tea was a miracle…the black tiny grains would turn into an amazing brazen gold, stimulating aromas rising engulfing the spirit with a sweetened fragrance…but  ….this new brand…?

what color is it?

‘feminine ..baby….salty….milky…popular with many…but….

‘it is not that bad is it,you can always have your own….

well, THAT is the cup’ having your own cup..having your own timely sip having your own sigh in the sweet fumes…own is over, own changes…own is taken over..own is no longer own’…tea has a flavor of its own, a time of its own…a spirit…of its own an inspiration, a companionship….it is not the tea…do you get…can you see?  where are you? there is no one here..uh….waiting no more…

well, I didn’t want tea,anyway’


A Story A Day ~ 9 ~ Bridge Bridged and Abridged Memories ~ Is Life a Game of Cards ?


478Image result for bridge of card game

‘Family seated at the dining table talking in low voices, some smilingly with heads bent ,dinner long over but not the togetherness…’Bridge’ the word I heard clearly…and then the shuffling …after some tense moments of silence…’two spades]…three hearts’…no bid’…my first understanding of the word ‘bridge’ rested as a game played with cards, a game deeply engrossing and serious…as I remember family sitting quietly as elders held the colorful paper pieces and for long sat together…it was more of ‘being together,being quiet in the presence of elders,following rules and maintaining discipline…’bridge’ as a game kept the family together…’bridge’ I understood years later,was a game that pushed away feelings of loss,heaviness of separation, trials of migration and was an expression of gratitude and peace…the time was a just after the great divide,the great event,the emergence of a new state and the terror of the mass massacre across the newly created borders…we remember we should remember …memories of those who sacrificed all…’bridge was a bridge to strengthen relationships, in a new country…a new togetherness….

Bridges around the world have become famous for their design and grandeur.Amazing achievements of human endeavor.Many unfinished and broken have left scars upon the great feats.

My travels across the Northern Areas of Pakistan enabled me to see walk across the suspension bridges in Gilgit Danyor Hunza and Nagar. travelling in a CJ5 Toyota it was scary but a solid sturdy drive.This was in the 1960s when cameras were not so handy.

Many bridges are still needed and in recent times my experience brought before me the Korang bridge…overflowing in heavy rainfall,blocking traffic, drowning kids and at the same time giving relief to buffaloes,dusty vehicles and picnic goers…well..life has variety and nature has unending blessings….

where is the bridge? which way do we go or come by….

you have to cross the narrow bridge,
the bridge open from both sides
oh dear,is it dangerous ? no not really,
drive carefully and you will be
fine,do not look left and right’
you know the rules,you must abide…
why do bridges built once are left incomplete? risky

people walk,not all have cars,many go on donkey carts
too heavy for buses or trucks to pass,dogs and sheep

and buffaloes saunter,rather dip in to clean their parts
peering peeping at all who pass or standby to wash cars

buffaloes find peace in water,as sheep find in passing
donkeys find in crossing continuously,no stopping
drivers find peace peace in clean cars, dogs in running
after vehicles, and I just watch and try to gather joy

that I believe is visible for I see the freedom
in little acts of life, cleaner safer lighter feeling
peace it is peace it must be,peace for the day
peace ..maybe ..all the way, on the way,on the bridge